Affiliate Program

Become one of our affiliates and earn fantastic commission for introducing people to our various opportunities

Dear Entrepreneur,

Readymade Business 4 U, has many years' experience in the promotion and set-up of many successful business models across the UK & Ireland. We are currently promoting over 20 businesses that all offer excellent commissions as part of our Affiliate Program.

This is a very exciting time for us, having expanded rapidly over the last few years with new, exciting and innovative products.

We are currently running with 20 business models, including our latest, Mixmo, which we are very excited about, as this product has huge potential and we are already having tremendous success and currently in talks with several major retail businesses.

We offer excellent commissions for simply promoting our business models and introducing people to us who have an interest in one or more of our products.

You do not need to know everything about our businesses, as we supply you with written promotional literature which you simply add your contact details to. People will contact you with an enquiry from wherever you promote our business models; you simply forward the appropriate profile (which we supply) relating to the model(s) they are interested in, to them, by email. The potential customer will then read these details and if interested contact you to ask questions (feel free to chase them up after a few days). When they do, DO NOT try to answer any questions, even if pushed to do so by the customer. Allow us to do our job, as Readymade Business 4 U are the experts! Your job is now done, you have created the interest, so simply tell the potential customer that someone will contact them directly from Readymade Business 4 U to answer all of their questions…simple! Then forward their details to us via email (so it costs you nothing).

That's it, we do everything else for you and inform you of our progress all the way. We have many years' experience and expert staff to close the deal professionally, to gain the best profit (commission) available. As and when you feel more confident about our products, you may, if you wish, start to answer questions, but it does work better our way, so you can concentrate on promoting.

Our whole organisation praises itself on rewarding our staff for sales completed, which means you can relax in the knowledge that we are working hard to gain maximum results for maximum rewards. In other words, we are working for you to gain the maximum commission possible!

Once a deal is complete you will be notified immediately and informed what your commission will be.

We have excellent payment terms. As soon as we receive full cleared payment, your commission is paid. There are no claw-backs whatsoever! So, once you receive your commission, it's yours to keep; unlike many organisations that have to pay back deals done so you have to pay back your commission!

Master Franchise

Our master franchise package costs £9,995+VAT. This will give you full rights to the country of choice (subject to availability). We have spent hundreds of thousands developing our business and many years to gain the experience to be able to pass this onto you for a fraction of the cost and time. No one else, not even we will be able to sell in that country. There is an ongoing yearly license fee of £2,000, starting 1 year after you sign the franchise agreement, as your 1st year is covered by your initial fee. This can be paid in full or monthly if you wish, at £166 per month. There are no other on-going fees.

Our Master Franchise package means you can also recruit your own agents, just like we do. They will sell for you and earn you even more money.

As a Master Franchisee, you will be trained in all aspects of our business and fully licensed to sell ALL our products now and in the future. Profits are very good and you would be expected to turnover in excess of £500,000 in your first year with your profits around 50% depending on your overheads.

*MIXMO - commission

We charge £5,760 for a 20 module system. This is what we pay direct from the factory, as we make our profit from the sweet sales, as they have to buy them from us. You could up-sell and charge them more for the system, but you might price them out of the deal. You will earn excellent, ongoing commission from the sweets supplied on a regular basis. This is why we recommend you do not up-sell and simply make your commission from the sweet sales. Don’t lose the sale because you priced them out of buying it in the first place. This is what we do, and we make excellent profits from the sweets, again and again! Any machine is on a 3 year agreement, so once installed, you have at least 3 years of commission due on the sales of the sweets. Most will renew and continue.

Typical profits: You’ll pay an average of £2-£3 per kilo, sell at 100% profit of £4-£6 per kilo. So, an average order of 100 kilos per week will make you an average of £250 per week, just from the 1 order. So imagine, as your machine sales grow, so does your weekly commission on sweets.

Imagine having 100 machines installed with an average weekly order of, let's say, just half that at 50 kilos (most supermarkets are currently doing 100 kilos), that’s a weekly income of £12,500.00 before you get out of bed.

All in all, you can make excellent commission as a Master Franchise and make a small fortune!

There are many ways to promote our business models, whether you already have a business that can be complimented by offering our business models, advertising on your current websites, word of mouth, advertising with promotional flyers, etc! Our business models are all the latest and current in the UK today and we sell plenty of them, every day!

Please feel free to call our affiliate manager on: 01625 668 630 if you have any further questions. If you wish to become our latest affiliate, simply sign and complete our forms and return to us. It is FREE to join as an agent, once accepted you will receive your affiliate pack via email, along with your affiliate number.


If you would like to request an application form, please contact us on 01625 668 630 or [email protected]