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You could make a living for yourself with our Retro Gaming business opportunity.

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Retro gaming is a new and innovative concept that is being introduced to a large selection of venues throughout the UK. Pubs, Takeaways, Service Stations, Hotels, Fast Food outlets and more can all benefit from this this type of popular vending machine.

Looking back at games of yesteryear there are so many people that enjoy from their childhood and at what better time to take a trip down memory lane than when you are waiting for food or enjoying a few drinks with friends. Challenge yourself again at Pac-man, Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders and many more!

Our vending machines come wrapped and branded to give them extra appeal in the venues and to attract customers to this fantastic product. Set in prime locations such as pubs and clubs, service stations, takeaways and other outlets customers can relate to the games on offer. We will supply everything you need and install all of your vending machines in such locations for you. With the minimum effort needed from you, this business is more like an investment, as there are few hours’ work involved, as the vending machines do all the work for you!

“Absolutely NO selling”

Our products are self-promoting and need little introduction to customers to explain what it’s all about. Your role is simply to call out to your venues on a weekly/fortnightly basis, collect your money and go to the next one!

We specialise in vending and as many years of experience has shown us, we know the right products and where to place them in order to give you maximum rewards, for little input.

Arcade Machines for Sale UK

Pubs, clubs, takeaways, etc., are great places for our machines. Our specialist team will install your machines in excellent venues like these.

Being able to offer customers, guests, visitors from all walks of life the opportunity to have fun whilst out socially, in a cheap and effective way is guaranteed to generate sales. This machine offers customers the choice of an in-demand product at the perfect time. Given that the machines have a choice of 2,000 games, this increases the likelihood of large establishments wanting to host the units and will give customers so many options and repeat business.

“Book your area now before they’re all gone”.

We will arrange delivery and installation of all your chosen machines into suitable venues in your chosen area, along with full training on all operational functions and maintenance of each machine. We offer all the venues a commission to allow the machines on-site and to encourage them to push the product, which will give you more profit.

  • Few hours/investment
  • Simply collect and/or restock
  • No selling
  • Passive income
  • Repeat business
  • Unique product

With our help, we can make sure you get the right venues, so your business has the best results possible. We even offer a venue replacement service, which means should one of your venues not perform as expected, we will simply replace it, FREE of charge!

“All part of our support system”

We will supply you with your own exclusive area to work in and expand into.

Arcade Machines for Sale UK
Arcade Machines for Sale UK

Here are some example figures so you can understand the potential...

  • Maximum reward for few hours...
  • Based on 5 machines in 5 venues
  • You can expect to work only 10 hours per month!

We recommend 20% commission per sale to the venue. This is what we will offer them to secure your venue.

But, here we will give you more conservative figures. The below figures are based on the amount of uses per day, with a cost of 50p per game. Currently machines are producing much more than this but we like to be conservative.

Snooker Club5101353483328
# of plays40496120028428788
Total # of plays1009
  • If each machine produces the usage above, that equates to £504.50 per week.
  • Deducting commissions to the venue at £100.90 = £403.60
  • 5x machines = £80.72 profit, per week
  • That’s £403.60 per week from just 5 machines!

That’s £20,987.20 per year!

Or, £1,748.93 per month for around 10 hours’ work!

“We look at it as more of an investment, rather than work”.

From just £6,495+VAT

MachinesCostPotential Monthly ProfitAdditional Monthly Potential Income Profit (from free machines)
2 machines£6,495+VAT£807.20--
3 machines£8,995+VAT£1,210.80--
4 machines£11,995+VAT£1,614.40--
5 + 1x Free machine£14,995+VAT£2,018.00£403.60 FREE!
10 + 2x Free machines£27,995+VAT£4,036.00£807.20 FREE!

All packages include FREE INSTALLATION

These are our most popular packages. If you require more machines, please contact the office for a quote, as the more machines you purchase, the bigger discount we can offer you!