We would like to invite you to be a sales Agent for Readymade Business

What is a sales Agent?

This is an opportunity to earn commission on proven products from our portfolio.

You can choose from our huge selection of products, you choose the products you think will sell best. With our unbeatable trade prices you cannot purchase these unique products cheaper elsewhere, helping you to maximise your profit.

You simply choose your product(s) and offer these to local shops, pubs, clubs, friends and family, market shows and so on.

You purchase them at a discounted price and then sell them for a profit.

For example:

Our Fresh Start product costs you just £1.80 per pack (2 tablets). You sell these at £3.99. This gives you an excellent profit of £2.19 per pack. If you sell just 2 of these per day in 5 locations, this will generate you a profit of £153.30 per week and that's just from 1 product.

As you can see already, our agent packages give you the opportunity to build a long-standing and lucrative business.

The Products

Fresh Start Capsules


Taking one or two tablets before drinking will keep the body hydrated to allow it to cope better with the damaging effects alcohol has on the body. Excellent profit of £2.19 per pack (2 capsules).

Dr Patch

Dr Patch

This patch contains 12 organic, all-natural ingredients. This powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants is designed to keep you energised whilst living a busy and social lifestyle, promoting general health and well-being. Profit of £1.58 per patch.

Slimming Tablets


Our range of slimming tablets and dietary supplements are effective and suitable for a range of dietary experience levels. Profit starting from £5.19 per pack.

Herbal Viagra


Our range of sexual support formulas means both men and women can deliver a fantastic performance when it matters most. Profit of £2.20 per pack.

Phermone Spray


This small pheremone spray designed for men can help you to attract women all night long. Profit of £0.70p per discreet spray bottle.

Web Shop

As part of our Gold Package, we will set up an online store for you to advertise and sell your products. Your webstore will be in a similar style to our own Readymade Business 4 U webstore. This will include;

  • An attractive, responsive web store
  • Product pages and category pages for easy navigation
  • A digital checkout that uses Paypal as a payment method (customers don't require a Paypal account and can be with debit/credit card if they wish)
  • Related products shown on each product page for easy cross-selling

Web Shop Sample

Income Potential

The following income potential is possible with our products;

ProductPurchase CostSale CostYour profit
Vitamin Patch£1.92£3.50£1.58
Pheromone Spray (1ml)£1.80£2.50£0.70
Pheromone Spray (5ml)£4.80£7.99£3.19
Hornstar Range£1.80£4.00£2.20
Diet Diva – Original 10 pack£4.00£9.99£5.99
Diet Diva – Original 30 bottle£6.50£15.99£9.49
Diet Diva – Original 60 bottle£10.00£29.99£19.99
Diet Diva – Ultra 10 pack£4.50£10.99£6.49
Diet Diva – Ultra 30 bottle£7.25£16.99£9.74
Diet Diva – Ultra 60 bottle£11.00£32.99£21.99
Diet Diva – Super 10 pack£5.00£11.99£6.99
Diet Diva – Super 30 bottle£7.75£17.99£10.24
Diet Diva – Super 60 bottle£12.00£34.99£22.99
Fresh Start£1.80£3.99£2.19


Simply fill out our contact form below, ensuring to let us know which agent level you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you!