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Alcohol Breathalysers is a digital vending machine that gives accurate readings of peoples alcohol levels in the blood. By simply breathing into the machine for 6 seconds, through a straw supplied, the machine will give you an accurate indication of your blood/alcohol level. Our machines also have digital advertising screens, which gives the operator an additional, potentially unlimited income from advertising.

Alcohol Breathalysers is a responsible way to support the "Don't drink & drive" campaigns. Being able to offer customers the chance to test their blood/alcohol level, before they make a decision to drive or not, it is an excellent service and also gives credit to the establishment they're in.

"Many people believe they are fine to drive, when they are actually over the limit"

These machines give an accurate reading for people to make that decision. Alcohol Breathalysers machines also attracts customers just to give it a try and test their blood/alcohol level compared to their friends levels, just for a bit of fun, all in all, these machines are very lucrative and offer a welcome service!

The Model:

Alcohol Breathalysers machines are placed in busy, alcohol related venues by us. We will provide you with a full package which includes, full location and installation of all your machines in busy locations. Ideal venues are:-

  • Pubs
  • Sports bars
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Arena's
  • Stadiums
  • Casino's
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Hotel bars
  • Pool halls
Breathalyzer vending machine business | Breathalyzer business opportunities

The earning potential is based on below average figures from machines in the field. Advertising space sold at only £20 each, again, a below average figure to give you a conservative outlook.

Based on only 5 machines, total usage from all 5 machines in one day, over a 1 month period to give a total:

WeekdayUsage Week 1Usage Week 2Usage Week 3Usage Week 4

Grand usage total in 1 month = £608.00 based on only 5 machines

Adverts sold in a 4 week period: 20. That's just 4 per week @ £20 each = Total £400.00 in advertising revenue in 1 month, which will now repeat every month on top of your usage revenue.

That's £1,008.00 in 1 month, selling only 20 adverts!

Once established, using the same usage figures as above, with 100 adverts at only £20 each (Below average) = £2,608.00 per month with only 5 machines! Imagine how much you'd make with 10-15-20 machines or more!

Please note: These are easily achieved figures.

These machines are currently earning over £200.00 per month, each, in usage revenue alone! So, if you don't fancy selling your advertising space, just sitting back and allowing the machines to do all the work, 5 machines can easily earn you over £1,000.00 per month, virtually all you'll have to do is collect it…

"The machines will sell your advertising space for you"


This is repeat business, so once you have sold all your available adverts (100), they repeat every month. 1 or 2 may cancel occasionally, which you simply replace. But most stay on, as its very cheap advertising for the audience that use, or pass by these machines every day! We install your machines in very busy footfall areas. Local businesses will recognise these places and understand the passing footfall and the fantastic response these machines receive. So, all in all, along with the very cheap prices, they would be foolish not to want to advertise with you! Most businesses already have their advert ready to go, which they email to you and it's uploaded via a USB stick… simple!

"These machines can operate 24 /7, so if the venues are open 24 hrs, people are seeing the adverts every hour of everyday"

This is a great selling point, and we'll show you how easy these adverts are to sell. Full instructions will be given, and provided you're happy to pick-up the phone, you'll sell these adverts!

"Let someone else sell your ad space for you, if you don't wish to do it yourself"

Everyone knows someone who is unemployed or maybe a stay at home mum, who'll gladly sell your advertising space for you, offer them a commission, so it will cost you nothing!

"We will provide you advertisers to start you off, so from day one your machines will be attracting new advertisers"

Alcohol Breathalysers machines will also advertise themselves for new advertisers. We will put adverts on your machines, advertising for new advertisers! So, even while you're asleep or just enjoying quality of life, your machines will be working for you in every way!

Question - Do they work and will I make money?

Answer - Yes, we know they do, but just ask yourself "would you use this machine?" and the answer is, YES! People gather round them just to try it out, others would like to know if it's safe to drive. The advertising sells, as its cheap and has a massive potential for local businesses.

Question - Why should I invest with you?

Answer - We have years of experience in this field, having installed hundreds of machines over the years! We have staff members with over 20 years experience and guarantee satisfaction. All our business models are tried and tested concepts, and your new business will be set-up professionally and with the minimum of fuss. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge any hidden or on-going fees whatsoever and you will own the full rights to your business!

Question - Will I get an exclusive area?

Answer - Yes, but the size will depend on how many machines you order, you decide how large your area will be, by your order. Order more machines and we will increase your area.

Question - How much commission will I have to pay the venue to host my machine?

Answer - We have a good rate of installation, without having to pay any commission. But, if they do insist, we offer them 20% of your usage (Breath test only, not advertising) revenue. We will liaise with you to make sure you're happy, if not; we can move on to another venue. Remember; certain venues are worth paying commission to, plus, you'll sell more advertising space for more money to compensate you for any loss in commission.

Question - How much power do they use?

Answer - Only 12 volts

Question - How much maintenance do they require?

Answer - Not much at all, these machines have hardly any moving parts, so they are very reliable and you only have to fill them with straws when you empty your money every few weeks, so that can't be bad.

Question - Is there any liability to me, if the customer get breathalysed by police, after using the machine?

Answer - No, the machine does not store or record the personal results, plus there is a disclaimer on all machines. Also, only the Police or authorised agents can give a breathalyser test that's legal in court.

Question – How long from application to my business will be up and running?

Answer – On average, subject to the size of your order, around 6-8 weeks, which is mainly in the location of the venues. We do not rush to get anything that comes along, we use our experience to select the venue, we believe will give you the best results.

The cost will depend on how many machines you would like, the more you purchase after 5 units, the cheaper they become!

Minimum order is 2 machines.

The full package consists of the following:-

  • All machines fully located and installed by us in busy locations in your chosen area (Subject to availability)
  • 5 free adverts to start you off
  • Full liability insurance to cover your investment for 12 months
  • 0844/3 number, complete with a fully programmable digital answering system – Be professional when you're out; it's like having your own secretary
  • Fully warranted machines
  • FREE membership to our Affiliate Programme – Earn £££'s
  • No royalties ever!

The costs are as follows and include all of the above package:-

  • 2 x machines, full package = £3,995+VAT
  • 3 x machines, full package = £5,990+VAT
  • 4 x machines, full package = £7,990+VAT
  • 5 x machines, full package = £9,595+VAT
  • 10 x machines, full package = £17,995+VAT
  • 20 x machines, full package = £29,995+VAT


If you feel confident enough to locate and install these machines yourself, without our assistance, we are happy to just sell you the machines, provided we have no one in your chosen area. It works exactly the same, the only difference is, you are installing the machines and you would be responsible for insurance, although we can add this.

Minimum order is 2 machines

2 x machines @£795 each = £1,590+VAT

Simply calculate how many machines on top of this, you would like @ £795+VAT, each.

E.G 10 x machines is 10 x £795 = £7,950+VAT + delivery, unless you are collecting.

Discounts for larger orders than 10.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!