Are you looking for a Coffee franchise or to run your own coffee vending machines?

Discover our Coffee Vending business opportunity which has none of the negatives of a franchise!

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Coffee Vending Machines | Coffee Franchise

Welcome to our Coffee Vending opportunity. Readymade Business 4 U specialise in the full setup of your chosen product into a fully operational business, including marketing to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in the success of any new business and we are proud to say that we supply this for as long as you need it.

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

We do not charge any royalty or license fees.

It is YOUR business, outright. We simply set it up for you and guide you through any potential pitfalls so you have the best chance to succeed. We ensure you don’t make the mistakes that most people (due to a lack of experience), who try to go it alone will make! We offer all of the positives of a franchise, including FREE back-up and support, without all of the complications normally associated with them.

Our coffee vending business opportunity is a great business which we have perfected using our years of industry-related experience to ensure you have the best start from day one!

We will supply and install all of your machines into busy locations such as offices, pubs, shops, garages, etc. All of these locations will benefit greatly from a machine, as their customers and/or staff will no doubt enjoy tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup and more.

Absolutely no selling...

Full training is provided so that you can maintain, re-stock and collect your money from the machine(s) with ease.

We supply you with FREE initial stock (if purchasing 2 machines or more) to give you an instant return on your investment, plus profit from day one! Full back up and support is free of charge for as long as you need it.

You will only need to spare a few hours per week with a small range of machines or, you can use your profits to purchase more machines and expand into a full-time business.

The UK coffee industry is worth £6.2 billion, without including tea, chocolate or soups and is continuing to grow rapidly.

Every day, many people repeatedly consume these types of drinks and with most people living a busy lifestyle; repeat business is guaranteed. Our machines provide a fast and convenient way to supply them with the drinks they require.

Businesses love our machines for this simple reason; “time is money”! In larger organisations, employees can waste valuable time making a Tea or Coffee, especially if they’re making 10 cups for their colleagues. Another reason for our machines’ popularity is that the maintenance/ingredients are provided by yourself, so this saves time and money for the business as they don’t have to source and purchase stock. Businesses using traditional coffee machines end up paying for the drinks (as they often allow staff to use them for free). Using our machine, the employees have to pay for their drinks; it not only saves time and money, but looks professional; especially if on display in a customer-facing area such as a waiting room, reception or lobby.

We can supply machines to the following locations;

  • Offices
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Shops
  • Garages
  • …and more

With our unique, proven system, we will ensure your new business gets off to the best start possible...

“Work in your spare time, full or part time”

Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or just looking to start a new career, this is for you!

There is an excellent mark up on drinks so you don’t have to sell hundreds of cups per day in order to generate a profit. With an average profit of 90p per cup; selling just 15 cups per day can give you an excellent income for doing very little!

Utilising our professional sales team, we will help your business get off to the best start possible. Experience tells us that the initial marketing is very important for any new business, so we are here to help! Our marketing team will campaign your chosen area using our proven system to ensure you have customers from day one. This will help ensure regular business and steady growth.

In return for hosting your machines the sites will be paid a commission of 20% per sale (20p per cup). Please view the income table below to give you an understanding of what can achieved.

Here are some figures so you can understand the potential of this business.

Maximum reward for part time hours...

“Work in your own time”

Figures are based on the following trade prices which were correct at the time of printing. Prices may vary depending on your location/supplier.

Cost£0.10 each£0.09 each£0.11 each£0.12 each
Selling Price£1.00£1.00£1.00£1.00
Profit per unit£0.70£0.71£0.69£0.68

Based on just 5 machines

In 1 week, over 5 days (not including Saturday or Sunday)

(Just 20 cups per day – 5 of each type) = £13.90 profit, per machine

(X this by 5) = £69.50 profit, per day

(X by 5 days) = £347.50 profit, per week

Monthly profit is £1,505.83 per month

That’s £18,070.00 per year!


These figures are based on an average office employing 40 staff and just half of them having 1 cup each per day. These are very conservative figures, as many tea/coffee drinkers will have multiple drinks during the day.

All packages come with the following:-

  • Full training in all aspects of your business and equipment
  • Liability insurance for 12 months
  • All machines supplied and installed with 12 months warranty
  • FREE start up stock worth £2,000.00 (retail) with 2 machines or more
  • Feature-rich 0843 digital answering system
  • FREE venue exchange service if one of your machines under performs
  • Full back up & support
PackageFree extrasCostPotential Monthly Earnings (conservative)
2 Machines£2,000 worth of retail stock£6,995+VAT£602.33
3 Machines£3,000 worth of retail stock£9,995+VAT£903.50
4 Machines£4,000 worth of retail stock£12,750+VAT£1,204.66
5 Machines£5,000 worth of retail stock£14,995+VAT£1,505.83

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!