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Thank you for requesting details on one of our latest business models to hit the UK from Readymade Business 4 U Ltd. We specialise in the full setup of your chosen product into a fully operational business, including marketing, to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in any new business and we are proud to say that we supply this for as long as you need it, FREE of charge!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

We do not charge any royalty or license fees, whatsoever.

It is YOUR business outright. We simply set it up for you and guide you through any potential pitfalls, so you have the best chance to succeed. We make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most people who try to go it alone will make (due to a lack of experience). We offer all of the positives of a franchise without all of the complications and royalties normally associated with them.

Our Fresh Start capsules have been featured in The Mirror Online - I tried a hangover pill... and it actually worked

Fresh Start Capsules | Fresh Start Pills

The Product

Our Fresh Start Vending is the first genuine cure for hangovers. Taking one or two tablets before you start drinking will keep you hydrated to allow your body to cope better with the damaging effects alcohol has on the body. The dehydration which occurs from alcohol is the main contributing factor to your hangover. Our unique ingredients include Prickly Pear, which grows in the desert; is one of the worlds most hydrated plants, will keep you hydrated and will alleviate hangovers to allow you to function the next day. Prickly Pear is one of several natural ingredients in our Fresh Start capsules that will change the way you deal with the morning after!

Our vending machines are branded and stand out to attract buyers to this fantastic product and are set in prime locations, such as pubs and clubs that this product will relate to. We will supply everything you need; install all of your vending machines in relevant locations for you and provide start-up stock! This business is more like an investment as only a few hours’ work is involved and the product and vending machines do all the work for you!

“Absolutely NO selling”

Our products sell themselves, you simply have to call out to your venues on a weekly basis to stock up and collect your revenue, that’s it.

We specialise in vending and as many years of experience has shown; we know the right product and where to place them in order to give you maximum reward for little input.

We provide full training with back up and support. You will be making money from day one with these new and fantastic all natural capsules that will provide you with a regular income for doing virtually nothing!

Fresh Start Capsules
Fresh Start Pills

Anyone who likes an alcoholic drink and suffers the next day (which is the majority of us) will love this product, therefore giving you a large potential market.

Simply taking these natural capsules prior to alcohol consumption will greatly improve your physical and mental state the next day, so you’ll be able to get up and do the things you normally would not do! These reasons make this product a great investment with an excellent income potential for working few hours.

“Book your area now, before they’re all gone”

The Business

We will arrange delivery and installation of your machines into suitable venues in your chosen area, along with full training on all operational functions and maintenance of the machine. We offer the venues a commission to encourage them to promote the use of your machine(s) which will, in turn, increase your sales.

  • Few hours & low investment
  • Simply collect and restock
  • Passive income
  • Repeat business
  • Unique product

With our help, you can be assured the right venues are obtained so your business gets the best possible results. We even offer a venue replacement service, which means should one of your venues not perform as expected, we will simply replace it, FREE of charge!

”Imagine, once word gets around, how popular your product will become!”

As profits are generated from your initial machines, you can expand your business and purchase more machines for even greater income... for every future machine purchase you make, we will arrange a venue, FREE of charge!

“All part of our support system”

We will supply you with your own exclusive area to work in and expand throughout.

Fresh Start Capsules

Danny Wisker

Fresh Start Pills

Ann Denise

Fresh Start Capsules

Neil Ruddock

Fresh Start Pills

Zoe Stollery

Here are some example figures so you can understand the potential this business has;

  • Maximum reward for fewer hours...
  • Based on 10 machines in 10 venues
  • You can expect to work only 10 hours per month

We recommend a maximum of 50p commission per sale to the venue.

  • Fresh Start will cost you £1.50 (Boxed in 12’s = £18.00 total)
  • You sell @ £4 each
  • 50p commission to the venue

This gives you a fantastic profit of £2.00 per sale.

Remember: Venue’s can easily sell dozens in an hour, especially at weekends. Pubs are an excellent venue for this, as you’re focusing on where people drink. They can be out for long periods of time and drink excessive amounts, so may need to purchase a pack ready for the next day!

Here are some conservative figures;

  • If each machine sells just 4 packets (8 capsules) per day
  • That’s £8.00 profit per machine (after commission has been deducted)
  • 10 x machines = £80.00 profit per day
  • That’s £560.00 per week!

That’s £29,120.00 per year!

Or £2,400.00 per month for around 10 hours work...

If you base that on an hourly rate, that’s £240.00 per hour!

“We look at it as more of an investment, rather than a job”

Fresh Start Capsules

From £2,395+VAT

Figures here are based on selling only 4 per day, as above and all commissions have been deducted, so this is your profit!

MachinesCostPotential Monthly ProfitAdditional Monthly potential profit (from free machines)
2 machines + 20 packets free£2,395+VAT£480.00--
3 machines + 40 packets free£3,295+VAT£720.00--
4 machines + 80 packets free£3,995+VAT£960.00--
5 machines + 160 packets free£4,795+VAT£1,200.00--
10 machines + Free machine & a massive 500 free packets£7,995+VAT£2,400.00£240.00 FREE!
20 machines + 4 free machines & a staggering 1,250 free packets£13,995+VAT£4,800.00£960.00 FREE!

These are our most popular packages. If you require more machines, or a tailored package, please contact the office for a quote!

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!