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Welcome to our latest business model, which incorporates technology to help improve arterial health.

  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Fully licenced
  • Become a licenced consultant
  • Get instant results in minutes!

An Invitation

We would like to offer a select few, the opportunity to operate their own, unique business using the latest technology available today! Full licensed in the UK and ready to explode!

Jump on board, earn £££’s

About the business

This business model is based around a Class II medical device that has been developed with one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical equipment.

What will our system do?

Our machine will reveal a persons biological age and general arterial health.

Health franchise


I am a Kinesiologist, have a busy clinic and also run the Academy for Systematic Kinesiology teaching many students each year to become health professionals. Time is always an issue with me (as it is with most of us) and I am continually shown new products by people although this was different and I saw how helpful this device could be to my clients and my students.

I bought one straight away and have been using it ever since, my clients love being tested and enjoy reading the report to understand what is going on inside. We then discuss options to either keep healthy or move forward with lifestyle changes/supplements and of course they can take the report to their doctor if concerned. All my clients book follow up sessions with me, even the people that showed younger than their actual age as they want to keep there! My clients are also recommending friends to come and be tested so my business is growing as a result.

The service has also been great for my students, helping with their case studies, to earn an income whilst training plus help them see which supplements would be best for their clients circulatory health.

I would recommend anyone interested in health and helping people to go ahead and become an Anti-Ageing and Health consultant, the online training is very thorough and they are always there for you if you have any queries. The machine has more than paid for itself within the first month and I am over the moon!

Claire Moffat The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (T.A.S.K.)

Our business model

  • Our health is everything, without it, we have nothing...
  • Help assess the health of your client instantly
  • Help provide suitable advice for your clients needs
  • Earn £80 per hour – profit
  • We help with customers using our proven referral system
  • Repeat business
  • No Experience required, full training given
  • Hours to suit you

What will our system do for your clients?

It will provide them with detailed information on four areas of their health:

Arterial Stiffness

Assists your client to see how improving their arterial health will contribute to a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes

Blood Pressure

Helps your client to become aware of the importance of monitoring their blood pressure

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Informs your client that being overweight can cause many health problems

Biological Age

Provides a marker to help clients see how the decisions and changes they make affect their state of health

What is a Class II Medical Device?

The device must have more than the simple general controls to ensure safety and effectiveness.

It must comply with ‘special controls’: Special labelling requirements and mandatory performance standards recognised in Europe and internationally.

All devices require precise calibration and are extremely accurate.

Why is the condition of your clients’ arteries so important?

British Heart Foundation statistics state that 1 in 3 of us will have either a heart attack or stroke. In the majority of cases the main cause is narrow arteries.

health franchise

How does our system work?

First we use equipment to test the condition of a person’s arteries, along with their blood pressure.

Our system then generates a comprehensive, easy to understand, seven page health report.

How does the equipment measure Arterial Stiffness?

The device measures the size of the ‘Pulse Wave’

The softness of the artery and the volume of blood delivered determines the size of the pulse wave

The smaller the pulse wave, the stiffer the artery

Blood Pressure

The monitoring equipment will accurately determine both Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause:

  • Cardiovascular disease such as angina (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow), stroke, heart attack, heart failure and irregular heart beat
  • Kidney damage
  • Damaged sight

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Our system will help track your clients’ weight-to-height ratio (BMI).

Being overweight can cause a range of health problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Gout (joint pain caused by excess uric acid)
  • Sleep apnoea (interrupted breathing during sleep)
  • Osteoarthritis (wearing away of the joints)

Biological Age

Our advanced Class II medical equipment, together with our unique software can determine and track your clients’ biological age using a range of indicators, including arterial health, blood pressure and BMI.

What is the definition of Biological Age?

The active rate at which the body is ageing It is a true measurement of a person’s current health, life expectancy, and future quality of life.

This is different to a person’s chronological age, which is how many years they have been alive.

The Health Report

The comprehensive seven-page Health Report is unique to each client.

Easy to understand, it clearly sets out results and recommendations based on test results and covers the following areas:

  • Arterial Stiffness
  • Blood Pressure
  • BMI
  • Biological Age

It contains recommendations for specific natural foods based entirely on the clients test results.

Health Business Opportunity
health franchise

Monitoring your Clients’ progress

Your clients are likely to want repeat testing to enable them to monitor their progress and ascertain their ongoing requirements for natural foods and medical advice.

Each time your client has a repeat test, their results are added to a database and the charts within the report will track your client’s progress or regression over months and years.

Repeat Tests and Supplement Sales

The Health Report contains a guide as to when your client should return for a repeat test.

To use our system, all you need is:

A Laptop & Mobile Internet Access

(which we provide as part of the package)

Quick & Easy

The procedure is quick and easy:

Taking your clients’ readings should take less than five minutes.

Discussing the health report with your client should take about 20 minutes.

We recommend allocating approximately 15 to 20 minutes with your client.

Anti-Ageing and Health Sample Report

Our System can increase your income, while helping your clients stay healthy and happy

  • Each unique health report uses one “test credit”. Each test credit costs you as the Consultant £5.00.
  • Although our RRP for the test is £45.00 (giving you a profit of £40.00 per test), you are free to set your own pricing structure.
  • The recommendations within the health report can significantly boost additional natural supplement sales, bringing in additional income and profits.

How much could I earn?

Potential Income

Based on a profit of £40 per test and each test taking 30 minutes = £80 per hour

This is based on just 14 hours work per week

Day# of treatmentsIncomeProfit
MondayDay off--
SundayDay off--

What do our packages cost?


  • Full online training, online exam and certification
  • Highly Accredited Monitor system
  • The Consultant license allows an individual or business to conduct testing
  • Full marketing campaign in your chosen area using our fantastic referral system. It helps market your business and gain customers from day one! This is a tried and tested concept that works and gives your business the best start possible
  • One-page template website with 12 months hosting and domain name (2 year registration) included
  • Laptop with 1 years FREE mobile internet service
  • Full back up and support
  • 1,000 professionally designed and printed flyers

Monthly Subscription

There is a subscription fee of £25.00 per month that covers the user license and rental of the unit. This applies to all licenses and can be cancelled at any time with just one month’s notice.


The monitoring unit is supplied with a Lifetime Guarantee If the unit becomes faulty due to a manufacturing error, we will replace it no matter how long you have had it.


Perform 21 tests within the first 21 days and we will credit your new account with 21 FREE test credits with a total RRP value of £945.00

A summary of our business model...

  • Fully set up and licensed business ready to go
  • Exclusive area
  • Hours to suit
  • Earn from people working for you
  • Earn £80.00 per hour
  • Increase business using our unique referral program
  • Repeat business
  • Secure future, affordable to the masses

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!