Are you looking for a home help business opportunity or a home help franchise?

You could make a living for yourself by doing DIY, shopping or helping around the house with our home help business opportunity!

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Welcome to our Home Help business opportunity. We specialise in the full set-up of your chosen product, including marketing to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in any new business and we are proud to supply this for as long as you need it, FREE of charge!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

It is YOUR business outright. We simply set it up and guide you through the potential pitfalls, so you have the best chance to succeed and we make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most people (who try to go it alone – due to a lack of experience), will make! We offer all the positives of a franchise without all the complications normally associated with them.

Home Help is a fantastic and very profitable business that can be run in your spare time to bring in extra cash. Or, if you prefer, you can operate it as a management business and have people working for you and make massive profits from someone else doing the work. Simply put, you can keep things simple and do the work for an hourly rate or, employ people to do the work for you and manage them on a daily basis, or do both - the choice is yours!

Home Help can come in any shape or form. Following our proven system and training (no experience required) you’ll be able to operate your own Home Help business in all aspects, easily and profitably. Your clients will want you to help them with an array of issues, (none of which are medical), so there is nothing here that qualifications are required to do. It is simply day-to-day help. Here are just a sample of the jobs you can assist them with:-

  • Shopping
  • Washing
  • Dog walking
  • Cooking meals
  • DIY- putting up pictures, shelves, etc.
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Baby sitting

Basically, if you’re going to “Home Help” yourself, you simply offer the services YOU are comfortable with and are capable of doing!

If you wish to operate your business from a management role and employ people to do the work for you, we will even help you to recruit people. From the retired to young students, some with skills, and some just willing to help with daily chores, i.e. you can have gardeners, handymen or maybe child carers or Electricians and Plumbers on your books.

With millions currently unemployed (and let’s face it, regardless whether things improve), you’ll always have people out of work, semi-retired or retired. So, recruitment should not be an issue.

These will be casual workers to start off with: - people who are maybe retired, semi-retired, unemployed or students looking for some part time work. As you get busier, you can add more people to your books when needed. This way, you have a work force ready to work as and when required, that costs you nothing up front. They only get paid when you do!


A call comes in for some gardening work, you send the person on your books that’s registered with you as a gardener. You set the charges (we would recommend £15 per hour) you pay your gardener £8 per hour (again your choice) and you make £7 per hour. The job takes 5 hours which the customer signs off and you make £35 for simply taking and passing on the booking. We have a contract that prevents your employees poaching your bookings from you in the future.

There are no overheads, as you can operate from home. We will supply you with everything you’ll need and even tele-market your chosen area using our

professional telesales team. Using our proven referral system; this will help generate you customers on a regular basis. This will help your business get off to the best start possible. Our experience tells us that the initial marketing is very important for any new business, so we are here to help. Our proven referral system allows local businesses to promote your services for a small commission. This should ensure regular business, which does not cost you anything; you only pay them a small commission on results! A win-win situation for you! They advertise your business for you and you only pay them once the booking has been completed.

This, combined with your website that we will design for you, plus, your own efforts, i.e. simply letting your friends know, advertising on Facebook/Twitter and your friends doing the same, it’s amazing how social networking will spread the word about your new business. We will guide you through this if you don’t understand how it works.

“Before long, you’ll have regular, repeat business”

Our system is an excellent way to help get your new business off to the best start possible. You’ll meet some interesting people in this business, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and meeting people. Or, if you feel you have good management skills, then management is definitely the way to go!

But remember; we offer full training in both aspects of the business, so you could start as a home help if you prefer and then, when you feel more confident, move up to management at anytime!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself - We are with you all the way!”

Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or just starting on a new career, this is for you!

  • Earn up to £150 per day being a home help
  • Operate as management and the sky's the limit
  • Work in your spare time to suit you
  • Repeat business
  • Secure future
  • No overheads - work from home
  • No selling required
  • Professional set-up
  • Full training, back-up and support

Every day, there is someone, somewhere, wanting “HELP” with something. Unlike your competitors, you won’t offer just one service, you’ll offer multiple services, and therefore, you are offering more “CHOICES”, which gives you more profit... simple!

Here are some examples of the type of people that will use your services:-

  • The Aged
  • Pregnant women
  • People with disabilities
  • Working Professionals
  • Busy families
  • Companies

With our proven unique referral system, we will ensure your new business gets off to the best start possible...

Here are some figures so you can understand the potential of this business:-

Home Help: You can charge what you like, as it’s your business, but the average of £10 per hour is the norm for basic jobs. Obviously, if you’re skilled at something, you should charge accordingly, so your earnings could double or even treble.

Based on 8 hours per day - 5 days per week:

  • Basic: washing, cleaning
    • £10 per hour = £400.00 per week!
    • £12 per hour = £480.00 per week!
  • Semi skilled: Gardening, DIY
    • £15 per hour = £600.00 per week!
    • £18 per hour = £720.00 per week!
  • Skilled: Plumbing, Electrician
    • £20 per hour = £800.00 per week!
    • £30 per hour = £1,200.00 per week!

What you must remember, even if you're a qualified Electrician, this does not mean you will get electrical work all the time. This business is based on a wide variety of services, so the more you are prepared to do, the more work you’ll get.

Management: If you feel you have good management skills and would prefer to manage other people and wish to earn a potential small fortune, then this is a must for you!

The following is based on an average charge of £18 per hour, as you will have some basic and skilled workers. Paying your workers an average of £10 per hour, this will give you £8 per hour!

Let's start at the beginning with just 3 workers, that’s = £96.00 per DAY!

10 x people on your books each working 4 hours per day = £320.00 per DAY!

20 x people = £640.00 per DAY! I think you can see where this is going...

That’s £161,200 per year based on just a 5 day week. There are 7 days in a week!

As you can see, there is a massive potential here to become a millionaire as you have hardly any overheads! You are simply managing your staff from home.

Once you're established; if you had 50 workers on your books, that’s £416,000 per year! Again based on only 4 hours per day, 5 days per week...

If you had 50 people working a full 8 hours per day, 7 days per week, that’s £1,164,800.00 per year!

Taking into account your overheads, like commissions and administration, you're still looking at earning over 1 million pounds per year, as you work from home.

There are 2 options:

Option A – You do the work

Option B – Management

Our prices are a gift compared to our competitors and we believe we offer the best support and backup you could wish for. Most charge anywhere between £15,000 and £30,000+ for just one product/service. The way they're structured will mean you’ll need even more working capital to operate your business. Our business model is designed to give you the best start possible with a minimal outlay, while offering multiple services...

There is no license fee with option A

Option A. Home help, full package = £3,995+VAT

  • Full training in all aspects of Home Help, including material instructions and networking
  • Liability insurance for 12 months
  • Website - including full design and 12 months’ hosting
  • Local SEO to help your website be visible on search engines
  • We will register your business with all major search engines
  • 1000 Advertising leaflets
  • 0844/3 programmable digital answering system. It’s just like having your own secretary to take calls, messages and divert calls in a very professional manner when you’re not available
  • Full marketing campaigns in your chosen area to help your business get off to the best start possible using our proven referral system
  • Full back-up & support

Option B. Management, full package = £7,995+VAT

  • Full training at our offices in all aspects of business management, including material instructions and networking
  • Laptop with accounting software and the latest systems
  • Templates – contracts – invoices, etc
  • Database software to keep track of your business
  • Your own adviser to help with recruiting your workers
  • Liability insurance for 12 months
  • One-page template website with 12 months hosting and domain name (2 year registration) included
  • Local SEO to help your website be visible on search engines
  • We will register your business with all major search engines
  • 2000 Advertising leaflets and cards
  • A large advertising banner
  • Accounts program and access to our in house accountant
  • 0844/3 programmable digital answering system. It’s just like having your own secretary to take calls, messages and divert calls in a very professional manner when you’re not available.
  • Extended full marketing campaigns in your chosen area to help your business get off to the best start possible using our proven referral system.
  • Free affiliate program – earn £££’s
  • Full back-up & support

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!