International Master Licence

Discover how you can take our opportunities abroad and have exclusive access to launch a product in your country

Dear Entrepreneur,

Readymade Business 4 U specialise in the full set-up and marketing of many business models, it's similar to a franchise but we have removed all the negatives normally associated with them. This means once we have fully set-up their chosen business package, our customers own the full rights to that business and they'll never have to pay any on-going fees ever, unlike a typical franchisee has to!

This is what makes our business model very unique and people love it:-

  • Wide choice with 20+ business models
  • Unique, innovative products
  • Customers, contracts or venues supplied by us
  • Business from day one
  • No royalties ever
  • Full rights to their business
  • On-going back-up & support

Readymade Business 4 U have years of experience in the promotion, marketing and full set-up of many successful business models across the UK & Ireland. Due to expansion we are now looking for "Master Licensees" to operate our proven business model internationally in their country of choice. Many of our professional staff have over 20 years experience in this industry. We have spent many years developing this business and now we can offer you a chance to benefit from this and operate this very successful business model in your own country of choice.

We are currently promoting the latest, safe, secure and realistic business models, using the latest technology available. We do not entertain get rich quick products or schemes, just honest, inventive ideas which we know work! All our packages offer excellent, current products which have been handpicked by us. We only pick tried and tested business models that offer our customers an up to date, realistic and exciting business model. Our business packages can give a secure future, freedom and an opportunity for success many people may not have at present.

We don't stop there, we also assist with customers, contracts or venues from day one, giving our customers the best start possible and they also receive full back-up and support for FREE!

We have had many happy customers over the years, so if you're currently looking for a proven business model that works anywhere in the world, that helps start a lucrative business and you enjoy speaking to people; then this is just what you've been looking for!

If you have not already done so, please visit our homepage to see our latest business models and familiarise yourself with exactly what we have to offer.


Our business model can be run from home, but on a much smaller scale and you would be restricting yourself considerably on the potential of this business. Realistically a small serviced office is ideal to start with, after all that's how we started. Currently, there are excellent commercial deals being offered by serviced offices but you will need to look into your area and make enquires. All you need to start is an office for about 3-4 people. Serviced offices generally have desks and furniture included, again keeping your costs down at the start. Prices for this should be in the region of about £500 (approx $750) per month, which is ideal. You will need a meeting room which again, most serviced offices can let you use for a small fee, as and when required.

You and a couple of staff, family or friends can easily run this business and as you get busier you simply take on more staff as you need them.

As long as you're an outgoing, people person you'll make a great income from this business and with our help you can't go wrong, as long as you work the business as we show you.


To become our latest "Master Licensee" ideally you will need to be outgoing, a real people person and having sales experience helps, but is not necessary, as our products do sell themselves. All you'll need to do is sell yourself, as people buy from people. These are all attributes we have and it's what makes us successful at what we do, so it makes sense to pass them on to you!

4 reasons a new business fails:-

  • Lack of experience and knowledge
  • Lack of funds to operate your business
  • Lack of work ethics (hard work & commitment)
  • Lack of demand for the product(s)

Experience any one of these and you'll probably fail.

Example: You can have all the experience in the world, the demand and funds are there to operate your business, but if the business needs you and you don't go to work, you will fail... Again, all the demand, hard work and experience, but if you have no money, you'll never get off the ground, or you'll fall at the first hurdle.

Our business model has:-

  • Huge demand
  • We are behind you 100% (our experience and knowledge) that's all you'll need
  • Cost involved are below – so you know the costs
  • Work ethics – That's up to you! Are you happy to work?

If the answer's YES! Then our business is for you!

As our latest licensee, you will be entitled to full access to our business model, with exclusive territory in the country or state of your choice (subject to availability). Operating this type of business can give you an excellent income:-

1st year projected income £200,000 ($300,000)

2nd year projected income £350,000 ($525,000)

3rd year projected income £1,000,000 ($1,500,000)

These figures are based on a 50% profit margin from your turnover... I.E if your turnover is £1,000,000 ($1,500,000) you should be on target for £500,000 ($750,000) profit.

These are realistic figures already achieved from our working model in just a small country and not wishful thinking... Larger countries can obviously expect much larger profits.

As a "Master Licensee" you will have access to all literature and training needed to operate our business and exclusive territory and much more:-

  • Full access to all of our literature
  • Exclusive territory
  • Access to full website and SEO development
  • Full product access at trade discounts
  • Full training
  • Full back–up and support at anytime


Ok, assuming you now have a good understanding of what we have to offer and you would like to become our latest "Master Licensee" here are the following costs involved should you wish to sign up!

  • A Master Licence agreement starting fee is £5,000 GBP ($7,500 USD) subject to country size and availability. Please call or email for details
  • On-going licence fee is £2,000 GBP ($3,000 USD); per year (Payable in 12 monthly instalments of £166 GBP ($200 USD)) this covers all on-going support, updates and any future intellectual rights, etc.

That's it, £5000 GBP ($7,500 USD) is the only fee required up front, depending on the country or state(s) required. This fee will cover the following:-

  • Full set-up of the agreement (which will be an exclusive agreed territory)
  • Access to full trade prices on all our products
  • Access to all copyrights, literature, website
  • Training, back-up and support from our team of experts

Basically everything you need to be set-up and running our business.

Our £2000 GBP ($3,000 USD) annual fee is paid monthly @ £166 GBP ($200 USD) and covers you for the following:-

  • Continuous back-up & support from our team
  • Access to any & all updates or changes, including all additional products that will be added
  • Newsletters

Working Capital

You will need a small amount of working capital of around £4,000 GBP ($6,000) this is mainly to pay for your rent, deposit, advertising, stationary and staff wages, etc. Even though your business will take off very quickly, as we have done all the hard work over the years to iron out the main glitches, you will still need some funds to cover initial costs before your income is generated in the coming weeks.

So, you are looking at a realistic start-up cost of £11,000 GBP ($16,500 USD) depending on your situation, that's the worst case scenario. It can be done for much less, we are simply passing on our own example of set-up costs and remember we didn't have "US" to help and show us how to do it and we started with only one product. You may already have a business with spare offices and even staff, well that's great and means you can get started immediately, for much less!

Please Note: Not all our products may be suitable for your chosen country, as they were originally designed for the UK & Ireland markets. Please visit our website and familiarise yourself with all our products, as you are fully responsible for any and all products you offer in your country. Even if, say only 10 are suitable, that's not a problem, you'll still do very well. Our business took off with just one product. Remember, we are continuously adding new products all the time and if you have your own idea or product, just let us know and we'll show you how to add it to your portfolio if it's suitable.

Thank you for taking time to read our "Master Licensee" details. Feel free to contact us with any questions we're sure you have and our team will be more than happy to help you! Please remember any time differences with the UK when you call or email. We will reply as soon as we receive your email in our office opening hours.

Call us on: (+44) 01625 668 630.

Email us: [email protected]