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Thank you for requesting details on one of the latest business opportunities to hit the UK from Readymade Business 4 U Ltd. We specialise in the full set-up of your chosen product into a fully operational business, including marketing and/or installation to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in any new business and we are proud to say that we supply this for as long as you need it, FREE of charge!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

Our team has over 30 years experience in this industry and we have the skills to help you build your own business at a fraction of the costs of a franchise.

“We do not charge any royalty or license fees”

You will “OWN” your business “OUTRIGHT” with Readymade Business. Unlike most franchises, we do not charge a licence fee or any other on-going fees, whatsoever! This makes our product superb value for money.

We “DO NOT COMPROMISE”. We offer everthing a similar franchise would but much more, for much less.

It’s “YOUR” business, we simply set it up for you. We make sure you don’t make the mistakes that, due to a lack of experience, most people who try to go it alone will make! Our tried and tested system, which we have developed over many years, is guaranteed to give you the best possible start and a low risk of failure. We offer all of the positives of a franchise without the complications and high costs normally associated with them.

Locksmith franchise

Locksmithing is in great demand and is a recession proof business. Repeat business is a certainty…

As a professional locksmith (no experience required), after our comprehensive City & Guilds training program, you’ll have the knowledge required to open all types of locks, repair and replace them. You’ll be able to offer a key cutting service, key extraction, replacement keys, install digital locking systems and even repair and/or replace uPVC locks in doors and windows.

We will supply you with everything you need to be able to offer a complete and confident service to all of your customers; from a fully hosted, professional website, complete tool kit, in-class training, in-the-field training, to ongoing business generation from the start. Using our professional marketing team and our tried and tested system, we will help generate customers for your business.

We also offer FREE back-up and support for as long as you need it to ensure a smooth transition into your new business. We are always there when, or, if you need us. All that will be left is for you to run your business with ease and once your initial investment is recouped, it’s profit all the way!

  • Full comprehensive training with professional locksmiths
  • City & Guilds qualification after training
  • Comprehensive tool kit and stock
  • Potential earnings of £50,000+ per annum, OTE
  • Local advertising
  • Local and repeat business
  • Interesting work
  • Your own exclusive territory
  • …and much more!

The market place is massive; and with your own territory to operate in; every house, building and commercial business/premise, is a potential customer. Locks break every day, either through age, use, miss-use, break-in, etc. People lose keys also, constantly misplacing them and breaking them. This will give you plenty of business in your own area.

You’ll meet some interesting people in this business, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy getting out and meeting people. You’ll also go to some interesting places as a locksmith. Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or just looking to start a new career, this is for you!

No experience is required, just an eagerness to learn and some basic DIY skills is all that’s needed to learn this interesting trade.

  • A repeat business, which is great for you
  • We set everything up for you
  • Excellent income potential
  • No overheads
  • No selling required
  • Full back-up and support
  • Secure future – locks & keys have been around for hundreds of years and always will be.

“Excellent income potential - hours to suit - job satisfaction”

Locksmith business for sale

With a potential income of over £50,000 per annum and a professional trade behind you, a secure and satisfying future awaits you!

Here is an example pricing structure to give you an idea of the money you can expect from this type of business. Rates depend on where you live in the UK:-

  • Call out charge/per hour: Standard 6am to 6pm £50-£90
  • Evening call out charge/per hour: 6pm to 10pm £75 - £120.00
  • Night time call out per hour: 10pm to 6am £100 - £180
  • Bank Holiday: £75 - £120

These are just your hourly call out charges, you also have profit on the keys and locks you supply, from trade prices to retail price to the customer.

As you can see, just a few call outs per week can give you a wage if you wish to just do part time. Over £50,000 per annum is easily achieved if you work on a full time basis.

Locksmith tools
  • Full set-up, including a 5-day City & Guilds locksmith training course
  • 4 nights hotel accommodation, including breakfast and dinner
  • Comprehensive tool kit and locks set
  • 12 months liability insurance
  • One-page template website with 12 months hosting and domain name (2 year registration) included
  • Local SEO to help your website attract new customers
  • Registration with rated companies to help generate focused business
  • A full marketing campaign to help obtain new customers. This is a tried and tested system used locally that will advertise to customers from the start of your business
  • Branded Polo shirts to help advertise your business and present a professional image
  • Flyers and business cards
  • I.D Badge
  • FREE affiliate program
  • Full back-up & on-going support from professional locksmiths

Our full package is only £6,995+VAT

Vans can be arranged subject to status, but you can use your own vehicle

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!