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Help charities and yourself at the same time

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Lotto vending is a proven concept, just like all of our products and it has taken off across the UK. Our machines vend tickets at £1 each and the prizes vary from £1, £5, £10, £20, all the way up to £500.00. At 50% pay-out, this will keep your customers coming back, again and again!

Lotto tickets are a proven winner and will offer you a great income for doing virtually nothing. Your machines will do all of the work for you. We will acquire venues for you (pubs, clubs, etc.) and negotiate terms. Venues such as pubs and clubs are certain to get footfall from people who will purchase tickets, time and time again.

Full training is given to ensure you can empty and maintain your machines without difficulty. Simply re-order tickets from us, as and when you need and we’ll send them directly to your door.

“Excellent repeat income”

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We will endeavour to locate sites within your preferred area. Should you reside within that area, we will aim to locate sites as close to you as possible so that travelling is kept to a minimum for collection and re-stocking of the machines. Naturally our primary aim is to secure the best venues possible, so travelling might be unavoidable for some sites but the additional travel costs should be offset by the income generated from prime locations.

We also offer FREE back-up and support for as long as you need it to ensure a smooth transition into your new business. We are always there when, or, if you need us. All that will be left is for you to run your business with ease, re-stocking your machines and collecting your money!

We are confident that all of the venues we supply will be profitable and, if one should prove unprofitable, we will happily arrange to have your machine re-sited to another venue, FREE of charge! This is our promise to you and part of our back-up and support.

In addition to our single-column vending unit, we also offer packages built around our dual-column vending unit.

The double column machines are an additional £250 each but have these added advantages:

  • Hold twice as many tickets and hold more money
  • You can offer 2 different tickets, leading to more sales and not needing to call out as often to re-stock.
  • Access via your smartphone to see how many tickets you have sold.
  • Average 30-40% more profit
  • Visually bigger displays

Lotto tickets and scratch cards are big business. 99% of people continue to play after winning and there are thousands of people playing each week in the UK. Many of us enjoy a flutter and our Lotto Vending machines take advantage of this. As soon as the venue starts paying out prize money, word spreads and sales can increase rapidly.

By providing scratch cards from our vending machines, siting the machines in the right venues and with them being quick and easy to buy, they are proving very popular.

“Little work required – let your machines work for you”

Using our professional marketing team, we will arrange to have your machines sited in pubs, clubs etc. We will offer venues a 10% commission and a further 20% to charity (or 14% to charity, contact us for details).

  • Repeat business
  • We set everything up for you
  • The machines do the hard work
  • Passive income
  • No overheads
  • No selling required
  • Full back-up and support
  • Secure future - as the Lotto concept has been around for over 20 years and has never been so popular.

“Excellent passive income – little hours – help charities”

Prize Money ticket

Here are some figures so you can understand the potential of this business/investment.

Maximum reward for few hours... “Work in your own time”

The tickets cost you £93.34+vat (£112) per box of 2,800 tickets, delivered to your door!

The tickets retail at £1 each and 50% is paid out in prize money, leaving a gross profit of £1,400.00.

L10% of the ticket value (10p) is given to the venue and 14% (14p) to charity, less £112 to purchase tickets and this will leave you a net of £608

Your profit per ticket, works out at £0.22p per ticket sold, after all of your expenses have been deducted. So, simply multiply £0.22p by how many tickets you sell and that’s your profit.

The following is based on average sales. We have not used exceptionally high or low sales, simply the average you can expect to earn to be as up-front and as fair as possible.

Remember: Look at this as an investment and you’ll see the return is far better than any interest rates the bank can give you and has a better return than gambling on the stock market (and is a lot safer).

Purchasing one of our business opportunities is a more controlled and stable investment. Following your success you can re-invest into more machines if you so desire.

Here are some examples of different machine packages so that you can compare your budget to the potential income.

Number of MachinesCostSales
(per month)
(per month)
4 x Single Column
4 x Double Column
6 x Single Column
6 x Double Column
Includes FREE liability insurance and £200 retail worth of stock
8 x Single Column
8 x Double Column
Includes free fitting
Includes FREE liability insurance & £500 retail worth of stock
10 x Single Column
10 x Double Column
Includes free fitting
Includes FREE liability insurance, £500 retail worth of FREE stock & 1 FREE machine
20 x Single Column
20 x Double Column
Includes free fitting
Includes FREE liability insurance, £1,500 retail worth of stock, & 2 FREE machines
30 x Single Column
30 x Double Column
includes free fitting
Includes FREE liability insurance, £4,000 retail worth of stock & 5 FREE machines

Packages start at 4x machines and venues for only £4,995+VAT. The more machines you buy, the cheaper they become and the more money you’ll make.

All packages come with the following, unless stated:-

  • Full set-up, including all machines and venues supplied with training in running your business.
  • FREE stock & liability insurance if purchasing 6 machines or more.
  • FREE fitting, stock & liability insurance if purchasing 8 machines or more. (These machines are easily fitted if you can drill and plug walls or know someone who can do it for you, if not we can help you – see optional extras
  • A full marketing campaign to obtain venues for your products in your chosen area.
  • I.D Badge
  • FREE replacement service if one of your venues under-performs
  • FREE affiliate program
  • Full back-up & support

Optional Extras

Add installation of your machines and liability insurance from just £300 (ask us for details).

If you are requesting information on our opportunities, please let us know which opportunities you are interested in.

We will never rent, sell or share your personal information.
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