Are you looking for a mobile phone charging business or a mobile phone charging franchise?

Find out more about our mobile phone charging business opportunity today!

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Are you looking for a mobile phone charging business or a mobile phone charging franchise? Find out more about our business opportunity today!

Already proven successful in the USA & Asia and now "Readymade Business 4 U" has introduced them here in the UK & Ireland...

As with all our products, they have been tried & tested, and with hundreds already out there, they're proving themselves as a great mobile phone charging business. Our product is the latest and most profitable charging station in its class, in the UK today! Areas available but selling fast, so jump on board at the beginning before it?s too late. We offer the same back-up, support and professional set-up of your business, as we do with all of our business models.

"Professional and with the minimum of fuss – we'll have you up and running within weeks"

If you love the ease of vending and simply wish to collect your revenue along with our unique advertising twist, to add even more income, then this business model is for you!


Mobile phone charging vending is currently very successful in the Far East and the United States. Now it's here proving the same in the UK & Ireland. Our advertising screens are a totally new and unique concept to hit these shores, and not just another vending model. What make these machines unique when it comes to vending is;

"You can get involved"

This gives you the potential to make a serious income and not having to have hundreds of machines to do so. We currently have operators with only 5 machines making £3,000.00 per month & more!

"If they can do it, so can you with our help"

The only phones our Mobile Phone Charging Stations won't charge are the old ones that nobody really has anymore. All our charging stations can be upgraded at anytime, simply and easily if new phones arrive. Simply plug in your phone, enter £1 and you're away!

Customers can use their phones immediately if they have an emergency call to make. While their phone is charging they will be starring at a very lucrative advertising screen. These adverts are on a constant rotation and are seen by potentially thousands of people per week, passing through these busy premises we install them in.

"Making you money from day one"



Our Mobile Phone Business Model is unique because it has 3 potential income streams, vending, advertising and commission!!

Mobile Phone Charging Stations are located and installed by us, in local venues in your chosen area, near you. You will probably know your area better than we do, so if you wish (optional) nominate any sites, venues, you would like your stations to be installed in, and we will approach these sites on your behalf, and do our best to place them there. If not, don't worry, just sit back and let our specialist team do their work. We have access to all the business data in your area. So, you do not have to approach them, we'll do everything for you!

Everyone has run out of charge at one point or another while out and about. Imagine having 5, 10 or 20 of these stations in and around your local area, all collecting £1 per charge every time someone is running low, or runs out of charge. Not only will our Mobile Phone Charging Stations offer you the traditional ease of collecting your vending revenue, but they also have digital advertising screens, which bring you the unique opportunity of a greater additional income. You are in total control of this part of your vending business and, unlike our competition, this allows you to be more in control of how much income you can generate.

You can significantly increase your revenue by selling advertising space on your Mobile Phone Charging Stations. This revenue is simply paid to you by standing order, on a monthly basis for doing virtually nothing.

"Selling the advertising space is easy"

Local businesses will pay you to advertise on your stations, charging them just £5, £10 or £20 per month, depending how many stations you have. It's so cheap to advertise on these stations, there is no real reason not to advertise, especially because so many people can view these adverts in busy premises.

"Think about it"

How many people will pass through busy pubs, clubs, shopping centres, etc on a weekly basis? Hundreds, even thousands depending on the venue and how many venues you have! There are literally billions of mobile phone users around the world.

It's much cheaper to advertise with you on your stations, than say, your local newspaper classifieds. So, you can easily sell your advertising space to local businesses, even without any experience, as we will show you how to do it. All you have to do is pick up the phone and let them know what you can offer them!

"An excellent, cheap form of advertising"

Potentially thousands of people will see these adverts each week. The adverts show on a constant rotational basis, 24/7 if the venue is open that long.

"Your charging stations will also advertise for advertisers"

mobile phone charging business modelWe will upload adverts onto your Mobile Phone Charging Stations, these adverts will advertise for new advertisers! Obviously, it makes sense to do this so your charging stations are working for you day and night to generate more advertisers.

If you feel like you wish to operate your own business, with very little effort, but for maximum rewards or even if you've been interested in mobile phone franchises in the past...

"Then this business model is for you!"

It only requires a little extra effort at the beginning, but has massive potential.

"Join our already successful operators"

  • We locate the premises for you & fully site of all your charging stations in busy places local to you.
  • We supply advertisers to start your business off from day one (dependant on package chosen - Please note: Advertisers supplied are on a free trial basis with the potential to become paid advertisers).
  • On-going commission payments of up to £1,000 (Optional)
  • Fully liability insurance and warranted machines for 12 months.
  • 0844/0843 digital answering system (Never miss a call)
  • No royalties to pay…ever!
  • FREE Affiliate program membership, earn £££'s
  • Full training & on-going support.

"Royalty FREE forever! You keep all the money"


Our figures are based on 100 adverts sold and an average of £100 per month in charging revenue, per machine. So, all you need to decide is how much advertising you wish to sell to generate the income you need and our Mobile Phone Charging Stations will take care of the rest!

"This is what makes our Mobile Phone Charging Stations so unique"

Advertising Revenue£10 p/m for 100 adverts = £1,000 p/m
Charging Revenue£100 p/m, per station = £200 p/m
Total Revenue£1,200 per month
Advertising Revenue£15 p/m for 100 adverts = £1,500 p/m
Charging Revenue£100 p/m, per station = £300 p/m
Total Revenue£1,800 per month
Advertising Revenue£20 p/m for 100 adverts = £2,000 p/m
Charging Revenue£100 p/m, per station = £500.00 p/m
Total Revenue£2,500 per month
Advertising Revenue£40 p/m for 100 adverts = £4,000 p/m
Charging Revenue£100 p/m, per station = £1,000 p/m
Total Revenue£5,000 per month
Advertising Revenue£80 p/m for 100 adverts = £8,000 p/m
Charging Revenue£100 p/m, per station = £2,000 p/m
Total Revenue£10,000 per month

Remember: Simply fill your stations with more advertisers; as local businesses need to advertise locally and at only £10 - £15 - £20 per month to advertise, your stations will be full in no time!

"Digital advertising is the future!"

Remember: Your machines will advertise for advertisers, 24/7 for you or as long as the venue is open. They will sell advertising space for you but slower than selling space yourself! But, if you do not wish to sell advertising space yourself, why not ask a person who is unemployed, or someone who is at home all day, or the odd day, if they want to earn commission for selling your ad space. They'll be glad of the money, as it's easy to sell, and this way it does not cost you anything.

"Remember": The more Mobile Phone Charging Stations you have, the more revenue you'll receive, the more advertisers you'll have and the higher premiums you can charge!


Please Note: Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations are available to purchase without the full installation package if required; stations only!

Digitals starting from £795+VAT. (You install yourself)

Non-digitals - £495+VAT. (You install yourself)

"Full installation packages start from £3,995+VAT"

Minimum order is 2 x stations…

Fully sited package 2 x machines start @ £3,995 + VAT

Fully sited package 3 x machines start @ £5,990 + VAT

Fully sited package 4 x machines start @ £7,990 + VAT

Fully sited packages, we offer our most popular model, the CL10 charging station. All package deals are fully located and installed, along with full insurance, advertising, etc! (See the package).

5 x machines
Price£9,595 + VAT
10 x machines
Price£17,995 + VAT
20 x machines
Price£29,995 + VAT

You won't have to lift a finger!

"We'll do absolutely everything for you"

All you have to do is sign up; turn up, after your Mobile Phone Charging Stations have been installed, collect your keys and do your training.

"A full package; means a full package"

We find all your locations for you and site your stations.

"You'll even have adverts to start you off"

Please note: You may, if you wish, nominate places you would like your stations to be sited and we will approach them on your behalf. If you do not wish to nominate, just leave it to us…

C6 Mobile Phone Charging Stations now available!

These stations are for people who do not wish to involve themselves with the advertising side of the business. They are much cheaper to purchase as they do not have digital screens for advertising on them. So, if you like the idea of our Mobile Phone business model, but can't afford, or simply don't wish to involve yourself in the advertising side of the business, and just want to collect revenue, then these machines are for you!.

Exactly the same installation package, just different stations that simply charge mobile phones without the advertising.

"2 x stations, fully sited packages starting from £2,595+VAT"

Install your own machines, supplied only from £495+VAT and delivery.

Minimum order is 2 stations.

Basically these machines will make you money all day from charging revenue, but if you're happy to pick-up the phone, with our help and sell local ad space, you're in the money! We will place your machines in busy places, so selling advertising space will be easy, it just takes a certain type of person, that's the only catch!

Lockable Units (NEW!)

Due to popular demand, we have now added lockable units to our product lineup!

Individual unit costs

4x compartment - £1,595+VAT (£1,890 total)

6x compartment - £2,095+VAT (£2,514 total)

Full package costs

QuantityUnit TypePriceTotal Price
2x4 compartment£5,445+VAT£6,534
2x6 compartment£6,495+VAT£7,794
3x4 compartment£8,168+VAT£9801.60
3x6 compartment£9740+VAT£11,688
4x4 compartment£10,890+VAT£13,068
4x6 compartment£12,990+VAT£15,588
5x4 compartment£12,995+VAT£15,594
5x6 compartment£15,990+VAT£19,188

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!