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Are you looking to run your own chauffeur business, need chauffeur training or want to make a living with private chauffeur jobs? We can set up your business for you.

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What is Chauffeur/Private Hire?

"No experience needed, just a full UK drivers licence"

This is a Chauffeur/Private Hire business model, which is obviously ideal for people who love driving.

"Love driving, then this business is for you"

Maybe you're an ex-cab driver, bus driver, etc. Or, maybe you just love driving, then this business is for you!

We'll fully set-up your business, including training with our fully qualified Chauffeur/Private Hire expert of over 15 years in the business. Having chauffeured big name celebrities, we're sure he'll share a few stories with you. Also, we supply you with a website, local SEO, promotional material, full marketing campaign for contracts and regular customers, digital secretary and much more, all in one business package!

Private chauffeur jobs

"We'll help you with customers from day one, unlike our competitors"

Chauffeur training

Our Chauffeur/Private Hire professional will train you in all aspects of the business in the field, giving you the confidence to operate your business professionally and make sure you're a success from the start. We are always here to give you back-up and support, so you'll never feel alone, as we are just a phone call away!

Using our fantastic "Proven" referral system, we'll help you obtain regular contracts from day one. Not just a few customers, but "contracts" from local businesses that wish to use your services on a regular basis.

We even register you with local businesses that are happy to promote your business to their customers for a commission, so you only pay them when they send you business.

This will get your business off to the best start possible and as our name states; it's a "Readymade Business" for you!

"No on-going fee's or royalties...ever"

The Chauffeur market place is massive and you only need a small portion to make an excellent living doing something you enjoy! People require private hire and chauffeur driven vehicles every day, whether it's a business man/woman needing to go to the airport or maybe business meetings all day, they'll need your services.

Many business men/women don't need a full time chauffeur but do need one a few times a month, so it's much more cost effective to hire one, as and when required.

They would sooner hire a chauffeur driven car for many reasons: so they can work on the way or simply to take the stress out of parking, especially if they have a few places to go in the city where parking is virtually impossible! Most celebrities are the same, just need one here and there, or maybe a regular member of the public would rather go home in a nice vehicle from the hairdressers than a standard taxi.

"Just a handful of regular clients can give you an excellent income"

You'll be flexible enough to offer private hire to someone who just wants to go home from the shops, to taking celebrities, business men/women to meetings, gigs, or even across country.

"Whatever their requirements"

Chauffeur/Private Hire services you can offer:-

  • Corporate days – can hire you for hours or days, at a time
  • Celebrities
  • Airport transfers
  • Race days
  • Local people requiring luxury travel
  • Weddings
  • Special events/occasions

Essentially, anything that requires a nice, comfortable vehicle with a professional driver.

The average hourly rate is around £50.00 for standard everyday occasions. You can charge more for special events like weddings, late-night work and distance work to cover your expenses.

The longer they hire you for, the cheaper you should be...

Your mileage should be around 10 miles per the hour & £2.00 per extra mile.

E.g. A 10 mile round trip to the local Airport with traffic will take you up to 1 hour = £50.00. A 20 mile round trip (2 hours) = £100.00. These are standard prices across the industry.

"A normal taxi would charge similar prices for this service"

Remember: It's your business; all prices are negotiable, so you can charge your own prices.At these guide prices there is plenty of scope to move if needed.

Chauffeur business
JobChargeMileage and Extra's
1 Hour£50(approx 10 miles)
2 Hours£100(approx 20 miles)
3 Hours£150(approx 30 miles)
Half day (4 hours)£190(approx 40 miles)
Full day (8 hours)£350(approx 80 miles)
Extra mileage charge£2 per mile
Wedding (3 hours)£300(including champagne)
Night work/weekends15-20% extra
Chauffeur business

So, as you can see there's plenty of money to be made. Just working a 20 hour week can earnyou over £1,000.00 @ just £50.00 per hour! Not including night work, weddings etc!

"£1,000.00 per week for just 20 hours work"

Of course you will incur costs, mainly fuel, insurance and any finance payment you might have, but remember, you are charging extra to cover any additional mileage!

Based on 30 miles to the gallon, your fuel cost per hour will be around £5.00.

So, 20 hours x £5 = £100.00 in fuel for a 20 hour week!

If you have a finance deal for your vehicle, take this into account.

Earning £900.00 per week x 4 = £3,600.00 per month. Less insurance and finance payments @£500 = £3,100.00 take home.

If you currently have a suitable vehicle or do not require finance, then the average insurance is £100.00 per month, so your take home will be higher.

The nicer and more prestigious your vehicle is the more you can charge. The figures on the previous page are based on a nice 7 series BMW, Mercedes S Class or equivalent.

There are many vehicles out there to choose from!

Your vehicle does not have to be brand new,just in very good condition, very reliable and well serviced.

We currently have drivers using 7 series BMW Li 2003 models in beautiful condition with every extra you can think of with full service history. One driver only paid £8,000 for his. So, it does not have to break the bank to operate this type of business.

"We have many leasing options available"

We have access to many leasing and finance options if required for the vehicle of your choice; our customers are offered the best rates possible due to the amount of customers we send to the leasing companies. We can also help you find the correct vehicle, we have access to ex-corporate limos, prestigious vehicles that have been meticulously looked after...

Starts from just £5,995+VAT*

Only £500+VAT deposit required to secure your area (please note, holding deposits are non refundable)

Vehicle and insurance not included in package price

*Cost of package and time taken for set-up may vary dependent on location and individual requirements. Price may vary dependant on local-area licensing costs. Call one of our sales advisers for more details.

  • Full training manual and accreditation
  • Private Hire licence (acquisition can take up to 6 months dependant on local council/government)
  • Operators licence
  • DBS check – Criminal record check (subject to acceptance, no serious offences allowed)
  • One-page template website with 12 months hosting and domain name (2 year registration) included
  • Digital programmable 0843 number – it's just like having your own secretary
  • Promotional pack, including leaflets and business cards
  • Full marketing campaign in your chosen area, helps gain customers and regular contracts to get your business off to the best start possible
  • Registrations with private hire and chauffeur agencies
  • I.D. badges
  • E-shot advertising to our massive database
  • Full back–up & support with NO on-going fees, unlike our competitors

All in all, everything you'll need to start and run your own successful business. You don't have to lift a finger; we'll sort everything out for you!

"All you'll need is a car, phone and an outgoing personality"

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!