Recycling Business Opportunities: Waste Distribution

Are you looking for Recycling Business Opportunities or to run your own waste collection business? Discover more about our Waste Distribution business model below!

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One of our original "Readymade Business 4 U" models! Still going very strong and has proven itself as a tried & tested and very lucrative business model.

Areas still available but selling fast, so jump on board soon before it's too late...

"We don't talk rubbish, we remove it"

If you are looking to "own" your own business, that gives you everything you need for a great start, along with a secure future; Earning you a high potential income, without the rules, regulations and complications of a franchise, and with no royalties or extra costs; but, does include back-up and support until it's no longer needed; all the perks of a franchise and none of the downsides....

  • The customers we assist you with as part of the package are commercial customers
  • An average commercial customer has a collection each week and requires at least up to 75 Kilos collecting
  • These customers pay on average between £700 to £1000 for this service a year
  • As part of the package, we assist you with a minimum of £10,000.00 worth of contracts or 100 customers, giving you the potential to earn a turnover alone, never mind the other customers that will want to use your service
  • We contact thousands of businesses in your local area by email/post & telephone, to give your business maximum exposure and that fantastic start that you need

Waste Distribution is a business model with a difference. We provide you with full knowledge of the business along with all training, the business model including backup and support. As we are not a franchise, there are no royalty fees. This is your business and we are here to assist and provide you with all the help you need to create and develop a successful business. We have many years experience in the set-up of new businesses and our qualified team of specialists are here to make sure all aspects are covered.


Readymade Business 4 U has all the resources, skill and knowledge of this industry, which makes this business model a great success. The waste industry is one of the largest in demand, with councils currently not keeping up with the demand and charging high rates for collections as they dominate the UK, along with many restrictions for commercial and residential customers. The public are looking for easier and cheaper ways to remove rubbish and to recycle.

"We even assist you with customers from day one"


The waste industry is a recession proof business. Small and large businesses still require their waste to be collected. RMB4U will help you achieve a secure future with a great income along with providing customers from day one.

As you are probably aware there are always national press articles and new programmes regarding the issues surrounding the waste industry or maybe this is something you have experienced yourself.

The waste demand is constant and will only increaseas time goes on. Local councils and private companies are constantly increasing their costs and reducing the amount they collect, which in-turn is affecting residential and commercial customers all around the UK.

Recycling Business Opportunities| Waste Collection Franchise

Lots of residential and commercial customers are having to revert to skip hire which can be highly expensive and which also requires permits in order to use. Other local landfills/waste centres now require permits and will charge you to take your rubbish and this is not convenient for people to do. Many of those who need to transport rubbish to the centres do not even have transport!

Summer time brings extra waste, with items such as cuttings and garden foliage, winter time brings 60% more waste with the build up to the festive season and also don't forget the new year celebrations including pub entertainment and the disposal of xmas trees.

Commercial businesses require collections on demand and the flexibility of a quick and easy service, without major costs. Commercial waste can vary from customers who require bins/recycling boxes and bag collection.

Lots of businesses require either weekly, fortnightly or even daily collections. Many of these businesses do not want to be tied into having a large bin when their waste varies on a weekly basis. This is where you come in and can provide the flexibility and options that most suit their requirements.

RMB4U has a professional marketing team who will obtain customers for your business. We have many years of experience in contacting customers and a high success rate of obtaining customers who are currently with private refuse collectors or the local council. We will market your business and undertake an extensive marketing campaign in order to ensure we promote your name, service and business within your local area.

RMB4U have the key to success in this industry and it is our aim to ensure you achieve the greatest possible start with the professional back-up and assistance you require.

"We assist and provide you with a minimum of £10,000 incontracts or 100 customers, including all appointments for contracts!"

Approximate hours will depend on how close your nearest waste centre is. Disposal prices will vary depending on your area. Please contact the office to enquire on the local tipping costs for your nearest transfer/recycling centre.


Based on 1 tonne of waste it is easy to follow.

To dispose of 1 tonne of waste costs £80 as an example (this will vary depending on your area,but this figure is the market average). The average bag of waste from a customer will weigh approximately 3 kilograms for a £1 charge (any bags exceeding this weight an extra charge will be applied accordingly).

Please Note: Digital weighing scales are included within the package.

333 bags @ 3kgs = 1000 kgs or 1 tonne

333 bags @ £1 each = £333 (less £80 disposal charges = £253

Collecting 1 tonne of waste per day, based on the above figures (5 day week) will generate a total profit of: £1265.00

This is just one typical example of the potential this business has.

Here is another example of a different more commercial day:

Remember: Commercial rates are generally less than residential, but are guaranteed with signed contracts and are worked out on the annual value... So you'll get a mixture of commercial & residential business.

Monday Morning:

Mr Smith started his rounds who were under contract at the local shop to collect 25 bags of rubbish from the 1100 litre bin they rent from him. This bin holds up to 30 bags of rubbish. Mr Smith charges the shop £16.50 per week for the bin at a maximum weight of 80 kilos (any excess waste is chargeable at £1.25 per kilo).

Mr Smith then went on to collect from his other 10 contracted customers and collected a total of 200 bags of rubbish and each of these customers paid him by direct debit £16.50 each month. He now has on his van approximately half a tonne of waste and has collected £181.50.

Monday Afternoon:

Mr Smith continues his collections with his recycling customers. 90% of all businesses now recycle their cardboard, glass, paper and tin. Throughout the afternoon, Mr Smith collects over 2 tonnes of clear glass and just over half a tonne of cardboard. Once this has been weighed in at the transfer centre, he will receive a rebate of around £105.

He will also be visiting local mechanics, engineers and plumbers merchants for white goods and scrap metal.

This will be transported to a local scrap metal merchant where he will receive a rebate of between £60 and £120. This would be split with the waste producer for services rendered, clearing him an average profit of £45.50

  • He collected 295 bags of rubbish, weighing approximately 600kg's, or just over half a tonne of waste
  • Recycled 4 old boilers
  • His wages for one day (average) was £325.50
  • Tipping costs were £80.00

Also note: Mr Smith has disposed of just under 1 tonne of waste and yet paid the full price. Most transfer centres will make an adjustment based purely on the weight

  • Profit £245.50 for one day's work
Please note:

Please note: Larger contracts such as hotels, shopping centres and nightclubs etc may require larger bins or other recycling facilities, but these prices are factored in when the contracts are obtained.

Attention: These examples have been taken from existing business we have obtained for our current operators & typical contracts we have supplied to them.

Here is another typical example of a recent contract we have supplied:

  • £375.00 per week
  • £19,500 per year
  • 2 year contract £39,000 obtained for one of our operators in June 2011

Q. I have no experience in the waste industry and have never been self-employed before. Will this business be for me?

A. Almost anyone can operate this business. Readymade Business 4 U have first hand professional experience in business set-up. You will be supplied with full training and a proven concept which makes the business easier to learn. We can even provide advice from our in-house accountant with regards to being self employed.

Q. Are there any special qualifications or licences I require to do this business?

A. Yes, you will require a waste licence. Readymade Business 4 U will arrange this for you direct with the environment agency. We also provide liability insurance for your business.

Q. Would my Waste Distribution business model be a VAT able business? Do I charge VAT?

A. You are not required to charge VAT unless you are already registered with another business that is currently doing so. However if this is your only business VAT will not be chargeable until you are generating a turnover of £77,000 per year.

Q. Do you really provide me with 100 customers/contracts?

A. Yes, Readymade Business 4 U's marketing department will target anything up to 10,000 businesses in your chosen area. We undertake an extensive marketing campaign to ensure we provide you with customers who want to use your services, whether this be for waste, recycling, scrap or house clearances.

Q. What happens if a customer you supply to me (first call on the customer) says that they are not interested when I turn up?

A. Let us know and we will contact the customer to find out why and if they would still require your services in the future. If not, Readymade Business 4 U would replace this customer as part of our commitment.

"Everything you need for your own Waste Distribution business model"

  • Assistance with a minimum value of £10,000.00 - to a maximum of 100 Start up customers - Yes; we even assist you with your very own customers and contracts to give you that all important start a new business requires
  • We register your business with as many local council's and online waste solution websites as possible
  • Your own "Exclusive Territory" providing the freedom of expansion
  • Sign writing for your tipper van (van not included) to include sideboards and cabin vinyl's displaying your company name, which will include your domain name and 0844/0843 number
  • 2000 professionally designed leaflets
  • One-page template website with 12 months hosting and domain name (2 year registration) included
  • Professional low rate 0843 number which includes a fully automated answering system, which can be answered at home or diverted to your mobile. This is a very sophisticated system which takes messages and texts and is also fully programmable to your needs
  • 2000 quality red commercial waste bags
  • 1000 quality recycling bags
  • Digital weighing scales
  • Full protective clothing including gloves, overalls, jacket, boots and trousers
  • One year's full liability insurance
  • Waste licence certificate (valid 3 years)
  • Receipt sheets with re-booking schedule
  • Full training including waste management productivity, the successful marketing of your business, a detailed manual for all your waste industry needs and health and safety training
  • Dedicated diary worker for your area and full team support
  • On-going back-up and support for as long as required

Full Package Cost £11,995+VAT

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!