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Do you want to run your own business in snack vending and/or toy vending? We can set you up with our snack and toy vending machines quickly and easily.

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Welcome to our Snack & Toy Vending business model. We specialise in the full setup of your chosen product into a fully operational business, including marketing, to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in any new business and we are proud to say, that we supply this for as long as you need it, FREE of charge!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

We do not charge any royalty or license fees. It is YOUR business, fully outright. We simply set it up for you and guide you through all of the potential pitfalls, so you have the best chance to succeed. We make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most people, who try to go it alone (due to a lack of experience) will make! We offer all the positives of a franchise, without all the complications normally associated with them. PRODUCT RANGES There are a wide range of products you can sell from your vending units; snacks, sweets and toys. You can even (and we recommend it) mix and match stock so that your machines can cater to the widest audience possible. Visit the three product tabs on this profile to see our range and machine options.

Snack and Toy Vending size comparison
Snack Vending

Most of us love to snack on crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, etc... fact!

“Kids love our toys, too!”

So, we have compiled a selection of the nation’s favourite snacks and toys into tubs, which vend from two machines, one for all your sweets/toys and one for Pringles, one of the nation’s favourite crisps! Our machines are highly reliable and require little maintenance.

Vending is a great business; provided, your venues are the right ones and the products you’re supplying are in-demand. Getting these wrong, can cost you!

We believe we have removed these worries with our Multi-Snack & Toy Vending business. With many different products to choose from, we are confident there is something for everyone!

“Having multiple choices gives you greatly increased potential income”

We will arrange all your venues for you using our professional sales team, with years of experience in selecting the right venues for your vending machines. Good footfall and 2 machines installed per site, means less travelling to collect and restock, saving you £££’s.

“Many products = more choice = more sales”

Following our proven system (no experience required) you’ll be able to operate your own business with ease! Using our professional marketing team, we will arrange to have our products approved for venues in your chosen area. They will agree to have your machines in their stores, pubs or offices, etc. So, all you have to do is, re-stock them when stock is low and collect your money. Dependent on how many machines you purchase, you will literally only be working a few hours per month. There are no overheads, as you can operate from home and you won’t need much space, some space in a small spare room, garage or shed will do just to keep some stock.

  • Pringles
  • Twix
  • Mars
  • Skittles
  • Fizzy cola bottles
  • Foam Banana’s
  • Chocolate éclairs
  • Nuts
  • Toblerone
  • A range of toys/merchandise
  • ...and more!
Snack Vending, Toy Vending

We will obtain venues in your chosen area that we believe will give you a good return. If, for any reason, one venue under performs, we will simply replace it for you, FREE of charge, as part of our backup and on-going support.*

*you simply take the machine into the venue – installation can be added for a small charge

We have dozens of products to choose from. If one product isn’t selling as well as you thought simply change it, for another!

You’ll meet some interesting people in this business, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy getting out and meeting people. Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or just looking to start a new career, this is for you!

  • Excellent passive income
  • Work in your spare time to suit you
  • Big choice of products
  • Repeat business
  • No overheads - work from home
  • No selling required
  • Full back-up and support

"Passive income – little hours”

Everyone loves to snack and most kids love toys/merchandise! Wherever you live, there are thousands of people that want these products, every day... fact! The sweets are very tasty and the toys are very entertaining. Most are already branded so everyone knows what they're getting for their money and the products will sell themselves, you can count on that. Once the people in your chosen area get to know certain places are selling these products, they’ll be back time and time again, which is great for you and great for the venue! Your business will run itself, but, if you do wish to expand by purchasing even more machines and make it a full time career, then here are a few venues in which your products would sell well;

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Shops
  • Shopping Malls
  • Train Stations
  • Bus Stations
  • Offices
Toy Vending
Snack Vending
Snack and Toy Vending

With our proven, unique system, we will ensure your new business gets off to the best start possible.

“Work in your spare, part or full time”

Here are some figures so you can understand the potential of this business.

Maximum reward for minimum hours...

“Work in your own time”

Cost prices here are an average as some cost more, some less, so your average price is £0.30p.

Cost prices: £0.40p

Retail prices: £1.00

Venue commission: £0.20p

Profit: £0.40p


If you purchase our 20 machine package. This means your products will be introduced to 10 different venues; offices, pubs, shops, leisure centres, etc.!

“2 x machines in each venue”

This is assuming you wish to purchase both Pringles & Sweet/Toy machines. We offer you the option to purchase just Pringles or Sweet & Toys, the decision is yours. Some people decide to just purchase Sweet/Toy machines, or just Pringles and have them spread over more venues. We can arrange this for you, but additional costs may apply as there is more work involved for us.

Spreading machines over more venues does not necessarily mean you’ll make more money. More venues means more travelling time and additional/increased costs (i.e. fuel) and remember, the more products you offer in any one venue, the more you will sell, as they’re entirely different products. However, the choice is yours.

Note: The following example is for demonstration purposes only, as we cannot guarantee a specific income. All sites will vary, some are better than others. This example is based on feedback from existing machines.

Remember; these are multiple product machines, so you’ll be selling dozens of different products in one venue.

Example: 20 x machine package

Selling 10 products per day = £4.00 profit, per venue

10 x Venues = £40.00 profit per day!

= £40.00 per day x 30 days = £1,200.00 per month, profit...

Just selling small amounts can give you a great passive income and remember; you do not really have to work to receive this income, it’s more of an investment than work!

“The profits are there and we’re here to show you how to get it”

The base package includes 4x machines, (2 venues) from only £2,295+VAT

Note: Extra costs may apply if you want to spread your machines into more venues.

Below are larger packages and the potential income from each so you can compare your budget to income ratio over 1 month.

Note: The more machines you purchase, the much cheaper they become, as we can pass our savings on to you!

  • 4 x machines @ £2,295+VAT
    Profit = £240.00 per month
  • 6 x machines @ £3,295+VAT
    Profit = £360.00 per month
  • 8 x machines @ £3,995+VAT
    Profit = £480.00 per month

All packages come with the following:-

  • Full setup and instruction in running your business
  • A full marketing campaign to secure venues for all products in your chosen area
  • I.D Badge
  • FREE exchange service
  • FREE Affiliate program
  • Full delivery of all your products to your door
  • Full back-up & support

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!