Package Upgrades

Here you can view the additional upgrades you can add to our business packages

Whilst several of our business models offer a website as standard (the basic package), several of our models (namely the vending business models) don't. Therefore if you'd like to add a website to your business package or upgrade from the basic package, we have 3 tiers for you to choose from.

Online Presence

Our basic package includes a 1-page template website tailored to your industry. This includes a simple contact form and links to your Facebook and Twitter pages (if required). Simple amendments such as text and images are included. You also get 1 email account included as standard.

The basic package includes:

  • A professional 1-page template website
  • Professional and reliable hosting with the first year included
  • Your own domain name (e.g. with the first 2 years included
  • An email account (for example [email protected])
  • A standard contact form
  • Links to your social media pages (such as Facebook and Twitter)

Cost: £150+VAT

Online Presence (Pro Package)

Whilst our basic package includes a simple but attractive 1-page template to get your business started, for those of you that want a custom, modern and responsive website, our pro package is for you. Not only does the pro package offer a completely bespoke website design of up to 5 pages (designed to your preferences), it also features a fully responsive design!

What does this mean you ask... have you ever visited a website on your mobile or tablet and found everything to be really "zoomed out" or small? Have you ever visited a site on your mobile or tablet and been sent to a "mobile" version of the site that's a pain to navigate or doesn't feature all of the content of the "desktop site"?

Responsive design eliminates both of these issues with a single site that intelligently adapts it's layout and structure to fit perfectly on the screen size it's being viewed on. So whether your customers view your site on a tiny smartphone screen or a 70" plasma TV, your site will look great!

Website upgrades

We also include setup and integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools so you get in-depth knowledge about your site and how it is performing.

Includes the contents of our basic package, plus:

  • A professional, bespoke design of up to 5 pages (instead of a 1-page template)
  • A responsive design that adjusts itself based on the screen size of your visitors device (mobile/tablet users have a fantastic experience on your site with no zooming in/out required!)
  • Basic Google Maps Integration
  • Embedded social media updates (have your Facebook or Twitter updates shown on your site)
  • Setup of a Google Analytics account and integaration onto your site
  • Setup of a Google Webmaster Tools account and integaration onto your site

Cost: £500+VAT

Online Presence (Ultimate Package)

Our ultimate package contains everything you need to have a complete online presence, with everything included in the basic and pro packages plus a modern and simple to use CMS (content management system) so that you can make your own changes to your website. To ensure you are familar with the CMS system we also include a 1 hour initial training session over the phone to teach you how to make changes and know your way around the system. Ongoing phone/email support is included as standard.

Also included are Facebook and Twitter pages setup by us with periodical updates posted to both profiles.

With this package you also get the added benefit of your site taking advantage of a professional CDN (content delivery network), which can make your site load 2x as fast regardless of where your visitors are in the world!

In addition to these extras, the number of bespoke pages is increased to 10 with the ultimate package.

Includes the contents of our basic & pro packages, plus:

  • Full CMS (content management system) integration so you can make your own updates to your site
  • A 1 hour over-the-phone training session for the CMS system
  • Ongoing phone/email support
  • A Facebook page for your business and periodical updates from us
  • A Twitter page for your business and periodical updates from us
  • A Facebook advertising campaign for £50
  • Your site delivered by a professional and industry-leading CDN (content delivery network) - which makes your site lightning-fast for your visitors and protects your site against hackers & malware

Cost: £1,250+VAT

All of our "Online Presence" packages have the following additional costs (approx)

£35 p/a for hosting (first year included)
£9 per 2-years for domain name renewal (first 2 years included)

Vehicle Wrapping

Having your business details, such as your website, services and phone number, on the side of your vehicle can be a great boon to your local exposure. WIth our vehicle wrapping package we will design a vehicle wrapping/vinyl to your company branding and will locate an affordable, local supplier who will be able to carry out the application of your wrapping/vinyl.

Cost: £100

Please note: The cost of having your vehicle wrapped can vary dependent on your vehicle, supplier and your location. The cost shown above is for design and sourcing a local supplier only. The cost to have the vinyl/wrapping applied to your vehicle must be paid by yourself directly to the supplier.

Car Wrapping

Printing package (Basic, Pro and Ultimate)

Flyers, business cards and vouchers are the staple of any business which needs to advertise to a local audience. With our 3-tier printing packages you can get professionaly designed and printed marketing materials. Our pro and ultimate packages also include attractive roller banners which are ideal to advertise your locations/services in prominent public locations or venues. With all 3 of our packages, the number of prints can be split however you deem neccasary, for example 1,000 prints could be split into 500 business cards and 500 flyers or 750 flyers and 250 business cards or any such combination.

Basic: £250 - 1,000 prints

Pro: £500 - 1,000 prints & pop-up roller banner

Ultimate: £1,000 - 5,000 prints & pop-up roller banner