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Are you looking for vending business opportunities or a vending machine franchise? Find out more about our Multi-Washroom Vending business opportunity below.

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Welcome to our Multi-Washroom Vending business model. We specialize in the full setup of your chosen product into a fully operational business, including marketing, to get your new business off to the best start possible! We believe help and support is a key factor in any new business and we are proud to say that we supply this for as long as you need it, FREE of charge!

“Work for yourself, not by yourself”

We do not charge any royalty or license fees.

It is YOUR business, fully outright. We simply set it up for you and guide you through all of the potential pitfalls, so you have the best chance to succeed. We make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most people who try to go it alone (due to a lack of experience) will make! We offer all the positives of a franchise without all the complications normally associated with them.


Vending is a great business; provided your venues are the right ones and the product you’re supplying is required. Getting this wrong can cost you! We have removed these worries with our Multi-Washroom Vending business. With up to 8 different products to choose from, we are confident there is something for everyone!

“Multiple choices, give multiple incomes”

We will install your machines using our professional sales team, with years of experience in selecting the right venues for your vending machines. A good footfall and 2 machines installed per site (one in the ladies and one in the men’s), gives you less travelling to collect and restock, yet 2 different types of customer in one place.

“Up to 9 x products, 2 venues = choice”

We have sourced the best products from researching what people want and need when they're out and about. Then, we commissioned a machine that can reliably dispense them, time and time again, with little or no maintenance.

Put these two together, along with our expert sales and marketing, and you have a great business, ready to go, that requires little effort...

“More of an investment than a business”

We will install your machines in your chosen area, in venues we believe will give you a good return. If, for any reason, one venue under performs, we will simply replace it for you, FREE of charge, as part of our backup and on-going support. We have dozens of products to choose from, if one product isn’t selling as well as you thought, simply change it for another!

“Choice is everything – More choice – more profit”

When people are out and about, our products can come in very handy indeed! I’m sure you yourselves may have bought one or two in your time! Following our proven system (no experience required) you’ll be able to operate your own business with ease and simplicity, re-stocking your machines and collecting your money!

Vending business opportunities

Here’s just a few of our products...

  • Smints
  • Tampons
  • Herbal Viagra
  • V-Lites - electronic cigarettes
  • Deodorant
  • Difresh - smoke, bad breath, etc
  • Difresh – Alcohol metaboliser mouth spray
  • Plasters
  • Condoms

Using our professional marketing team, we will arrange to have our products installed in stores, pubs, clubs etc.! We offer them a 20% commission or they can choose a charitable donation, which works very well in offices. So, all you have to do is re-stock them when the stock is low and collect your money. Depending on how many venues you purchase, you will literally only be working a few hours per month, unless you choose to purchase a lot of machines of course. There are no overheads, as you can operate from home and you won’t need much space, a small spare room, garage or shed is ideal to store your stock.

You’ll meet some interesting people in this business, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy getting out and meeting people. Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or just looking to start a new career, this is for you!

  • Excellent passive income
  • Holds up to 8 different products
  • Dozens of products to choose from
  • Little work required
  • Repeat business
  • No overheads
  • No selling required
  • Full back-up and support
Vending machine franchise

The Unit

Machine Dimensions

W 360mm H 1000cm D 230mm

Machine Weight

13.5kg (plastic model)

This is a battery operated machine and runs from a sealed battery pack (lasts approx 2000 vends)

Vend Price Options

The S2 machine accepts a range of coins and includes a coin reject option. However, it does not give change once a product has been purchased. Changing vend price and products is very straightforward. Clear instructions on how to alter the price/shelf settings can be found it the training manual that we will provide to you as part of the package.

"Excellent passive income – few hours – help charities”

Some of our brand new products

These brand new products are ideal for our washroom vending machines and are big sellers!

Vitamin Patch

Vitamin Patch

Disposable Phone Charger

Disposable Phone Charger

Diet Pills

Diet Pills

Energy Support

Energy Support

Market Place

Wherever you live, everyone uses these products, every day... fact! They’re everyday products, but when you're out and about and you don’t have them readily available, they come in very handy, indeed. There are still plenty of places with great footfall that would love our machines in their premises, as they offer such a great choice. Even if we came across a potential site with a typical condom machine installed, we have a good success rate of installing one of our machines, as ours offer a much wider array of choice, so the venues understand they’ll make much more money if they have our multi-selling machines, rather than a single-selling unit.

“Expand with more machines or simply operate in your spare time”

Below are a few examples of where your products could sell exceedingly well...

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Pool Halls
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Bus stations
  • Shopping Malls
  • Train Stations
  • Offices
  • Theatres

“Little work required – let your machines work for you”

With our proven, unique system, we will ensure your new business gets off to the best start possible...

Alcohol Metabolyser: A top selling product

Our metabolyser is a mouth spray with a fresh peppermint flavor that contains components to aid the body in the process of alcohol metabolisation and promote its elimination.

To explain how the metabolyser works we must start by letting you know that there is no product in the world that immediately decreases the alcohol level in the body, so do not be fooled by false promises of ingesting a product that in a few minutes decreases the alcohol level in the body, because it is impossible! Nothing can lower the Alcohol level in the body, it can only be metabolised.

In other words, our mouthspray does not eliminate alcohol (no product does!) instead, it helps your body to metabolyse (i.e. get rid of) the alcohol in your body. Therefore promoting quicker recovery from alcohol and reduced hangover time!

Our metabolyser mouthspray is perfect for clubs and bars and is a fantastic seller in such establishments.

"An effective alcohol metabolyser spray for speedy hangover recovery"

Washroom vending machines

Here are some figures so you can understand the potential of this business.

Maximum reward for few hours...

“Work in your own time”

Based on just these 5 products, it will give you an understanding of the potential income you could receive. All of our products are of similar price and profit margins.

ItemCostRecommended Sale priceProfit
Fresh wipes30p per sachet£1.0070p
Lil-lets pads50p£2.00£1.50
Condoms x 3 pack80p£3.00£2.20
Herbal Viagra£1.00£3.00£2.00

If you purchase our 20 machine package, which would give you 10 venues (one machine in the male and one in the female restrooms) the following example profit is possible;

Remember: these are multiple product machines. Up to 8 to choose from...

Selling just 5 products per machine, per day, averaging = £1.50 profit, per sale

That’s £15 per day x 10 venues = £150.00 profit per day across the board = £4,500.00 per month.

Lil-letsLess 20% donation/commission.

= £120.00 per day x 30 days = £3,600.00 per month

Even selling small amounts per day can give you a great passive income, remember; you do not really have to work to receive this income, it’s more like an investment...

“The profits are there and we’re here to show you how to get it”

Starting at 4 x machines, from only £3,995+VAT. Obviously, the more machines you buy, the cheaper they become and the more money you’ll make.

Number of MachinesCostRevenue
(per month)
(per month)
(includes free liability insurance)
includes free fitting
(includes free liability insurance & £500 retail worth of stock)
includes free fitting
(includes free liability insurance & £500 retail worth of stock)
includes free fitting
(FREE £1,500 retail worth of stock & liability insurance)
includes free fitting
(FREE £4,000 retail worth of stock & free liability insurance)

All packages come with the following:-

  • Full setup and instruction in running your business
  • FREE stock (10 machines or more)
  • FREE fitting 8 machines or more - (these machines are easily fitted if you can drill and plug walls or know someone who can do it for you, if not we can help you – see optional extras)
  • A full marketing campaign to obtain venues for your products in your chosen area
  • I.D Badge
  • FREE replacement service if one of your venues under performs
  • FREE affiliate program
  • Full back-up & support

Optional extras

Add installation of your machines and liability insurance from just £250 (ask us for details)

Thank you for taking the time to read this information!