Wi-Fi Hotspot Vending Machine | Wi-Fi Vending Machine

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Our Wi-Fi vending unit is a new, innovative machine that can be installed into any public location that has an internet connection in order to provide their customers Wi-Fi access for a fee. Bars, Pubs, Hotels, Pool Halls, Gyms and a large selection of venues throughout the UK could benefit from having this unit installed. There are hundreds of types of locations that are perfect for this type of service. The units are built specifically for ease of use for your customers, with clear, simple instructions and tap-to-connect connectivity.

In the modern times we live in and the wide-spread use of mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops and more; the majority of people require access to the Internet, all day, every day. Whilst network providers can offer good data packages, the use of apps and video streaming services (i.e. Youtube, Netflix) and even general internet browsing, can quickly use up a persons data allowance and cost them a fortune.

Our Wi-Fi units offer a great service to customers whilst ensuring the venue can benefit financially as well.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Vending Machine | Wi-Fi Vending Machine

Costing each customer £1 for a full 60 minutes (customisable) of internet access, this Wi-Fi service is good value for money for end users. Imagine the repeat and ongoing custom you could gain from these units!

“Absolutely NO selling”

Our products are self-promoting and need little introduction to customers to explain what it’s all about. Your role is simply to call out to your venues on a weekly/fortnightly basis, collect your money and go to the next one!

We specialise in vending and as, many years of experience have shown us; we know the right products and where to place them in order to give you maximum rewards for little input.

Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Gyms and libraries/college are just some of the great places for our machines. Our specialist team will install your machines in excellent venues like these to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

BBeing able to offer customers, guests or visitors (depending on the type of establishment), the use of an excellent-value-for-money Wi-Fi service, is not only a good service to offer but will likely keep customers in the premises for longer, resulting in them spending more money.

Generally speaking, the larger the venue, the more time a customer is likely to spend in the premises and thus there would be increased need of this service.

“Reserve your area now before it’s gone”

We will arrange delivery and installation of your machines into suitable venues in your chosen area and provide full training on all operational functions and any required maintenance of the units. We offer the venues a commission as an incentive for hosting the unit and for promoting the use of said unit to customers. This can result in more usage and therefore more profit for you.

  • An easy income for only a few hours work
  • Low investment
  • Simply collect your revenue periodically
  • No selling required from yourself
  • Passive income
  • Repeat business
  • Unique product

We can make sure you get the right venues so that your business builds its income as soon as possible. We even offer a venue replacement service which means, should one of your venues not perform as expected, we will simply replace it, FREE of charge!

“All part of our support system”

We will supply you with your own exclusive area to work in and expand throughout.

Here are some example figures so you can understand the potential...

  • Maximum reward for few hours...
  • Based on 4 machines in 4 venues
  • You can expect to work only 5 hours per month!

We recommend 20% commission per use to the venue. This is what we will offer them to give us the best chance of acquiring the venue for you.

Here, we will give you some conservative figures. The below figures show a conservative, estimated number of uses per day.

The machines have the potential to produce much more than this but we like to be conservative.

Snooker Club8131112202317
Total Usage36414149748255
Total Overall Usage378
  • The above usage equates to £378.00 per week.
  • Deducting commissions to the venue at £75.60 = £302.40
  • 4x machines = £75.60 profit, per unit, per week
  • That’s £302.40 per week from just 4 machines!

That’s £15,724.80 per year… What a great investment!

Or, £1,340.40 per month for around 5 hours work!

“We look at it as more of an investment, rather than work”.

From just £2,995+VAT

MachinesCostPotential Monthly Profit
3x Machines£2,995+VAT£907.20
4x Machines£3,995+VAT£1,209.60
5x Machines£4,895+VAT£1,512.00
10x Machines£9,750+VAT£3,024.00
20x Machines£19,250+VAT£6,048.00

All packages include FREE INSTALLATION

These are our most popular packages. If you require more machines, please contact the office for a quote; as the more machines you purchase the bigger the discount we can offer you!